Samsung SDS, a partial owner of IT solutions maker South Korea Tech Corporation, expects a medical claims processing system this month.

According to a report by CoinDesk Korea on Wednesday, Samsung SDS Vice President Yun Shim said at the 2019 Blockchain Seoul event that the firm has been piloting the system since August this year. Samsung’s SDS owns 22.6 percent of Samsung Electronics and 17.1 percent of Samsung T&T.

Yun added that medical facilities and insurers are taking part in pilots to test efficiencies and the system will be operational soon this month, another local local news report said.

The operating network is designed to streamline the complex process now in which the patient receives a receipt for services rendered and submits documents to the insurance company, who must then confirm their correctness before paying the claims.

The company says that although most Koreans are well insured and do not have to pay, they usually do not file a lawsuit because of the complexity of the trials.

bitcoin value

The new Blockchain Health Network is close to hospitals, pharmacies, insurers and other industry companies. When the system is running, users will be notified of the KakaoTalk message after treatment. You can then click on the recipient button and the insurance claim button, after which their information is sent to the insurer.

Blockchain technology is used to share personal medical information. Samsung’s SDS believes the network will reduce the burden on medical facilities, reduce claims processing time and reduce medical costs by up to 70 percent.

In June, Samsung’s SDS announced that it had already signed up for several major hospitals. The list includes Samsung Hospital, Severne Hospital, and Korea University Medical Center, among other institutions. The company then announced that the new system would be operational in August 2019.

The network is built on Nexledger, an enterprise blockchain platform originally created in 2017. Samsung’s SDS claims that Nexledger is used for 110 blockchain projects and holds 51 patents.

Avionics jobs can be the smartest career choice in aviation

So, are you considering going on a path in the field of avionics work? Well, I will tell you immediately that a career in avionics is an extremely intelligent choice for many reasons, which I will cover in a moment.

But first I want you to consider this:

Increase in unemployment. National foreclosure crisis. Bank failures Higher taxes

Four crises in the world economy and, as I write this article, none of these problems will improve soon.

Now I don't want to sound too negative here, but I want to be realistic. The jobs are difficult enough to arrive now, and it seems that things will only get worse. It will be vital for people looking for work and / or career to find a job that is not only highly requested, but also pays well, has good benefits and has the power to remain at work.

After all, what good is breaking the queue to find a good job just to make that position disappear in a year, or even before?

Why a career in the field of avionics work is a really good move

In the first place, what exactly is avionics? For the sake of not being too technical, a simple definition would be:

"Avionics, a term derived from the combination of aviation and electronics, describes all the electronic navigation, communications and flight management aids that airplanes are equipped with today."

A person in the field of avionics is responsible for anything electronic within an aircraft. Some related disciplines in the field of avionics work would be:

Avionics (or aviation) technician: they are responsible for examining and inspecting the aircraft computer and electronic systems, as well as maintaining these systems.

Aerospace engineer: they will test the aircraft components as applied to the flight. They will work in navigation systems, research of those and related systems and will work extensively in commercial aircraft research.

Electrical engineer: they test and develop engines, propulsion and similar power systems.

Grades and payment in this field begin where an initial level Avionics Technician will generally start earning around $ 18 per hour and can increase his pay (with experience in the field of work) up to $ 30 per hour.

Avionics engineers can earn up to $ 100,000 a year for the best technicians in their field.

The educational requirements begin at 3-4 years for a technician, and a 4-year degree (and sometimes a master's degree) for an engineer.

Another very important facet in the Avionics Jobs sector is occupational safety. Of course, there are layoffs in aviation, and we read about them all the time. However, the aviation industry is very fluid with outsourcing that occur literally all the time.

Add the fact that the avionics and airline industry is one that must continue to operate even in bad times, even if that means the government must intervene to provide financial assistance to keep it running.

Another important reason to consider aviation work is the military component. Aviation is one of the greatest weapons of the military and must have a huge fleet of aircraft that must be maintained to the highest standards. The army constantly hires new aviation workers.

The Boeing 717


Following its lineage until the DC-9, the MD-80 and the MD-90, the Boeing 717, which had initially been designated as the MD-95, had been the last purely McDonnell-Douglas aircraft and the first and only in been transferred to Boeing to continue production.

Conceived as an advanced, low-wing, 100-passenger airliner with two high-ratio bypass turbofan mounted on the stern and a T-tail more closely based on the MD-90, its immediate predecessor, the design, designed to high frequency, However, short to medium range routes had inherently incorporated the 40-year development story of their previous generation family. Having carried the three names of Douglas manufacturer, McDonnell-Douglas and Boeing, the basic fuselage had presented three wings; three motor cores: Pratt and Whitney JT8D, International Aero Engine V2500 and BMW Rolls Royce BR715; a wide range of thrust capacities, from 12,000 to 25,000 pounds; four basic designations: DC-9, MD-80, MD-90 and MD-95/717; passenger capacities that vary between 90 and 180 in single class arrangements; and eight fuselage lengths, such as DC-9-10, DC-9-30, DC-9-40, DC-9-50, MD-80, MD-87, MD-90 and 717

Designed as a next-generation DC-9-30 replacement, numerically the most popular DC-9 version with 662 that was sold, the originally designated MD-95 has a total length of 124 feet, which is 1.7 feet shorter than that of the DC-9-40, which allows a complement of 106 passengers in a first-class four-seat, two, two, with a 36-inch seat and an economical five-seat, two, three, 32-inch pitch of the seat. One hundred and seventeen can be accommodated alternately in a single class configuration and five a day. Two warehouses under the floor facilitate the storage of luggage, cargo and mail.

The cabin for two people of last generation is equipped with six interchangeable units of liquid crystal display (LCD), an electronic instrument system (EIS), a dual flight management system (FMS), a fault display system control (CFDS)), and an advanced Honeywell VIA 2000 computer, and is capable of category IIIA landings, with provision for minimum minimum IIIB operations.

Its all-metal wing with two stringers, like that of the previous DC-9, MD-80 and MD-90, features five-section, double-position, full-range front edge slats; two section spoilers; three section flaps, double groove, trailing edge; and manually operated ailerons, connected by cable, operated differentially in flight for swing and swing control. The wings, with a wingspan of 93.4 feet, are swept 24 degrees for a maximum speed of Mach 0.82.

The T-tail, positioned high above the motors, eliminates engine thrust interference with its horizontal surfaces, whose elevators are connected by cable and operated manually, while the vertical stabilizer rudder is deflected hydraulically with an adjustment of cable flight The tail surfaces of the MD-95/717 employ thicker skins than those of the previous MD-80 or MD-90.

Powered by two BMW Rolls Royce BR715-A1-30 high-aft bypass turbofans, each with a thrust power of 18,500 pounds, the plane, completely free of the engine installation on its wings, generates the maximum wing lift for optimal performance. Based on the single core BR700, the BR715 features a two stage high pressure turbine; a 58-inch fan chamber; single crystal turbine fan blades; the largest combined blade and disc (blisk) ever used by a commercial power plant; and is equipped with thrust inverter. The 6,155-pound 19-foot-long engine, the third basic type that powered the DC-9 family, had run for the first time on April 28, 1997, almost reaching 26,000 pounds of thrust at this time. It is the only power plant of the MD-95.

The plane sits on a hydraulically driven double wheel tricycle undercarriage.

On October 19, 1995, ValuJet, an operator of DC-9 and MD-80, and the prototype, an ex-Oriental, had placed the launch order for the initially designated MD-95-30, consisting of 50 orders in Firm and 50 options. The DC-9-30 airlines modified to the MD-95 standard and registered N717XA, were launched three years later, on June 10, 1998, for the first time to the heavens on September 2. The plane, reflecting the previous Boeing The acquisition for one year of McDonnell-Douglas and its 7-dash-7 number scheme, had been redesigned "717", a nomenclature shared by Boeing's own KC-135A Stratotanker, the military derivative of 707.

The first production aircraft, registered N717XD, was first launched on January 23, 1999, and the type received its joint FAA and JAA certification nine months later, on September 1, after a 2,000 flight test program hours that included 1,900 individual departures and five cells.

The first aircraft, the N942AT, had been delivered to new-brand AirTran Airways, so far a 737 operator, which ValuJet had acquired intermittently, on September 23, and had been inaugurated in service the following month on the Atlanta- route Washington.

The 717-200, the initial and unique version, had been offered with basic and high gross weight options. The first, with 110,000 pounds, has a range of 1,430 nautical miles with a fuel capacity of 24,609 US gallons, while the last, with 121,000 pounds, has a range of 2,060 nautical miles with a fuel capacity of 29,500 US gallons, but it reduces the space under the floor due to the additional tank and requires the improved BR715-C1-30 engine of 21,0000 pounds of thrust.

The maximum certified altitude of the aircraft is 37,000 feet.


A triangular three-sector flight with AirTran Airways, from New York / La Guardia to Akron, Ohio; Atlanta Georgia; and back to New York, it is indicative of the mission for which 717 had been designed.
After a brigade of "mini-jets" of Canadair and Embraer, but reflected by the American MD-82 of "big brother" with long fuses and the identical AirTran 717-200 bound for Atlanta, immediately in front of him, 717 , which operates as Flight 202 and registered N926AT, crossed the arrivals runway, 4-22, before maneuvering towards the departure strip, Runway 13. Slightly loaded, with only about 20 passengers on board, the twin-engined T-tail aircraft He raised his main wheels. the concrete and was trimmed at a steep, initial ascent angle, putting its tricycle undercarriage in the air of 55 degrees, like a spring.

Overcoming the geometries of the Queens house and closing the gap with the opaque film of fine clouds like paper, Flight 202 leaned to the left of the Throgs Neck Bridge over the deep blue of Flushing Bay. Accelerating to rise in power, he leaned further to the left.

The island of Manhattan, which appears beyond the tip of the left wing in the form of a miniature and appears to float between Hudson and East Rivers, triumphantly projected its tall, thin buildings like spiers through the low, floating fog as victorious bulwarks of man & # 39; s architectural warfare. Beyond the Verrazano-Narrows bridge, the gateway to the Atlantic, the sun transformed the water into a reflection of copper crystal.

Now assuming a shallow and barely noticeable angle of ascent, 717, the latest evolution of DC-9, crossed the eastern fringes of the Allegheny Mountains, which looked like black waves and sketched in coal at 35,000 feet below.

Aided by the speed brake panels of the upper wing surface barely raised, the twin-engine aircraft began a shallow descent about 40 minutes later under layers of dirty white and gray clouds, indicative of January, towards the eastern farm patterns from Ohio, hitting through a light punch. .

The perpendicular runways of the Akron-Canton airport moved forward and to the left. Extending its leading edge slats, which produced significant resistance, Flight 202 completed its landing gear flutter sequence and the trailing edge, forming an arc on the final left bank of the approach course. Brushing the bare farm patches, lined with brown trees in the motor configuration that counteracts the resistance, the 717-200 exploded beyond the threshold of the track and slid sideways in an abrupt, crosswind contact.

After rolling through the circular brick terminal Akron-Canton, in which four United Express, US Airways Express and Delta Connection ERJ-135 and CRJ-200 had been discovered, the plane, the largest on the ramp, left its engines without stern mounted engines. of fuel, which fell silently, replaced by the sound of the jet bridge that extended to the front left passenger door.

Pushed back from the door in 1215, the AirTran 717, which now operates nonstop to Atlanta as flight 202, proposed its unobstructed taxi at the Akron-Canton regional airport and received immediate take-off authorization on runway 19. At disconnecting from the ground, the plane, with a considerable complement of passengers, withdrew its landing gear with a slight blow and climbed onto the patchwork quilt of Ohio farmland, which then gave way to gentle hills. With altitude, these were completely reduced to indistinguishable darkness.

Emerging from a white cloud that covered the green undulating topography of West Virginia and Kentucky at 37,000 feet, the twin-engine T-tail plane was parallel to the cotton nimbus line that had been tied along the east coast.

The chocolate brown ridges of the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina rose like solid waves that had petrified in their peaks and failed to descend back to the sea.

The speed brakes on the upper wing surface induced 717 in a rapid descent over Georgia to swollen and white snow banks, its bullet nose piercing the surrounding darkness like a penetrating missile. When performing banking operations on its longitudinal axis, it initiated a series of arrival aircraft that spaced S-turns, shaken by the disturbance of the air associated with the cloud, while the acceleration of the accelerator resulted in a series of periodic airspeak oscillations: As the airspeed took off, the engines were significantly wound, followed by a frequency of speed deterioration, before the process had been repeated.

The plane emerged from the cloud islands on the green and brown blanket of Georgia. The skyscrapers of Atlanta, although still in the form of miniature, appeared in sight from the left wing.

Extending your tricycle undercarriage in the gliding stream and raising your wings & # 39; The rope of the upper surface and the area at its maximum with the full path of the flap of the trailing edge, the 717 made a final left bank towards Track 28 in the pure blue skies of 68 degrees dotted with cotton lint suspended from sugar. Parallel to the left, with a Delta 757-200 and an ASA CRJ-100 approaching the 27-left and right runways, the pure T-tail jet crossed the threshold, lowering its engines for the last time, which profiled it for a flare, and crouched on the concrete with its main "rear legs" of the landing gear, which absorbed contact with a minimal protest.

The return flight, which operated nonstop, had occurred later than night.

An avalanche of points of light, which represents the final approach to the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on that dark January afternoon, seemed to compete, at competitive speed, for the 27-left and right tracks, towards which the AirTran 717 -200, operating as flight 343 from gate C-12 to New York-La Guardia, currently taxed. Turning to the threshold to the right of the two parallel stripes, it accelerated in an acceleration roller that punctured the engine and, thanks to its horizontal stabilizers, generated a sufficient elevation to disengage from the Georgian soil and dive into the dive. , low cloud.

Withdrawing his landing gear, he stripped the darkness. The thin horizontal strata of fog made the orange lights of the ground become ethereal, a silenced attempt, only partially successful, to penetrate the veil from the "other side."

Separating from civilization, the twin plane was installed on its 35,000-foot autonomous plateau, from which it could see, but not touch, the world, in miniature, below. Curling on the east coast, it flew over Greenville / Spartanburg, South Carolina; Greensboro, North Carolina; and Richmond, Virginia, represented by their respective spots of ground light, "spills" of iridescent paint that had been thrown on the black canvas of the earth without form or foresight.

Directed, according to its flight plan, east of Washington and Philadelphia, flight 343, an autonomous and illuminated world that pursues its invisible path in the darkness of January, followed the coast of New Jersey.

Extensions of slats of the leading edge, which allowed the air velocity to bleed, occurred 40 miles from the airport. The Guard is approaching, to Track 22, it would take the plane north before it could become final.

Trapped momentarily in the black void and without references between the top of New York Bay and the night sky, the plane passed to the right of the small Statue of Liberty and the illuminated and bright sculptures of Manhattan Island, more beyond which the perpendicular airstrip … stamped field of La Guardia rolled up.

Following, precisely, the pattern of aircraft approach lights, the 717 leaned over the black reflective surface of Long Island Sound beyond the green light Throgs Neck and Whitestone bridges.

Executing a long and final approach over the Connecticut coast at a speed of 132 knots, the double jet untied its landing gear and extracted the last amount of elevation obtainable from its wings backwards with full drag edge fin extensions, a contradictory maneuver that created as much resistance as it rose and could only be really countered with greater engine power.

Leaning toward Flushing Bay with his nose, he passed over the pier that supported the threshold of Track 22 and exploded in the headwind, snatching the concrete again with its main wheels and unleashing its spoilers and thrust inverters in a simultaneous explosion. An American 737-800, which had preceded its landing, had just turned towards the parallel taxiway.


On May 23, 2006, during a ceremony attended by thousands, Boeing had deployed the last two 717 orders by Midwest and AirTran Airways, marking the final deliveries of the design, the last McDonnell-Douglas commercial aircraft and the closure of its historic Long Beach production facilities.

Founded by Donald W. Douglas, Douglas Aircraft Company had flown its first aircraft, the "Cloudster", in 1921, and had opened its Long Beach facilities in 1941, on the eve of World War II, when the demand had overshadowed the capacity in his country. existing plants in Santa Monica and El Segundo, California. Douglas's first commercial design, the DC-1, had been built here and sold to Transcontinental and Western Air (TWA), becoming the precursor to a long line of increasingly advanced piston aircraft that had introduced the world into flights commercial.

When merging with McDonnell Company in 1967, Douglas Aircraft Company was renamed McDonnell-Douglas, its products comprise the commercial division of the new corporation and, 30 years later, when Boeing acquired McDonnell-Douglas, it became the Douglas Products Division. Finally, it had been designated as the Long Beach Division of Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

During its more than 65 years of history, the Long Beach factory had produced some 10,000 military aircraft during World War II and 15,000 military and commercial design aircraft in general, while all its locations had produced more than 65,000 aircraft.

Despite the most efficient and cost-effective final assembly techniques designed by Boeing, the 717 could not remain competitive, partly due to sales conflicts with its own 737-600. However, the 156,717 produced, along with the previous generation 976 DC-9, 1,191 MD-80 and 114 MD-90, had already provided nearly half a century of robust, reliable and economical service worldwide, and seemed to be likely to do so in the coming years.

Hertz Car Rental Overview of the company's history, vehicle collection, services and policies

If you want convenience and reliability with a vehicle on your next vacation or business trip, it is a good idea to start with Hertz. The company started in 1918 when it offered some Ford Model T for rent. Today, Hertz car rental is a world leader in the travel and tourism industry. It operates in more than 150 countries worldwide.

The vehicles are divided into a variety of categories, such as the Green Collection, which consists of ecological, hybrid and electric vehicles from Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen, etc. If you want a hot rod from Ford or Chevy, perhaps the Adrenaline Collection has what you're looking for. Do you travel with children or a group of friends? You can book a rental of SUV or mini-van. There are also many affordable economic cars if you just want the basic one.

As with any car rental company, Hertz cannot offer a 100% guarantee that you will get the exact model you are looking for, due to supply and demand. However, representatives will still try to meet your needs as much as possible. Special services are available to help the disabled. In all corporate locations, customers can book a car with manual controls at no additional charge.

There is a pick-up and drop-off location for Hertz car rental right at or very close to most airports. In general, it is easy to get to locations outside the airport by shuttle bus. This company offers a Best Rate Guarantee, which applies only to the "base rate" and does not include surcharges, fuel, taxes, etc.

Hertz car rental for young drivers
Hertz offers rentals for drivers between 20 and 24 years old, although in some circumstances there is a surcharge. The fare is determined based on the location and type of vehicle.

Express return services allow customers to simply leave their vehicle when the rental period ends. This is a good service to take advantage of if you ever have little time and need to hurry to take your flight. All you have to do is park the car in Hertz's parking lot, leave the keys inside and get out.

There are three options for refueling: prepaid, refueling and refueling the company. With the prepaid option, you will not have to refill the car before returning it. However, you will not receive a refund for any fuel you have not used.

Before making your travel reservation, check Hertz car rental coupons that can be used online.

It is better to use Hertz car rental promotion codes online, where you can get the most value for your money. Use the site to browse all available rentals in cities around the world. No matter where you want to go, there will surely be an affordable Hertz car waiting for you.

Why the value of FIAT money will always go to zero

Paper money today is fiat money. Since 1971, real assets have not backed the dollars that Americans spend. Paper dollars have value for government fiat: the government has declared that these printed dollars are legal money.

Due to the solid economic history of the United States, the dollar continues to perceive value in the United States and throughout the world. However, that strong story is becoming more distant both in time and in reality. For many reasons, fiat dollars become less and less valuable and, by the time people realize this, it may be too late to do something about it.

A brief history of fiat money

The official money in ancient Rome was the denarius. In 50 AD, the denarius was a pure silver coin, the emperors gradually reduced the silver content until the denarius contained less than 0.05% silver. When Rome collapsed, the denarius was unacceptable in exchange for goods and services. China used worthless paper as currency around the eleventh century.

The currency had value while China expanded its empire, population and trade surplus. When these declined, the money supply continued to increase, which quickly destroyed the economy and peace.

In France, an attempt to issue paper backed by currencies ended after excessive increases in the money supply and people were unable to exchange their paper notes now worthless of coins. In a more recent attempt, the inflated paper franc lost 99% of its value in 12 years. The Weimar Republic of Germany after World War I was charged with severe repairs on its part in World War I. He printed more and more useless paper money to pay off his debt.

Why fiat money always decreases to zero value

No government has been able to discipline its monetary policy. History has shown that fiat currency makes it easier for any government …

  • increase the money supply through loans
  • increase the money supply simply by printing,
  • increase spending: the deficit deficit particularly harmful,
  • attach burdensome regulations to the money you spend, and
  • Expand your control of society and business.

Some reasons (called emergencies but are really excuses) for these dangerous economic decisions are:

  • financing a war,
  • facing a natural disaster,
  • responding to the shortage of an energy or food product,
  • the widespread greed of government officials to gain additional money, power and influence,
  • an economic recession, even a cyclical recession, and
  • an economic crisis, as in 2008, that threatened the entire monetary system.

Some of the consequences of undisciplined government actions with fiat money have been:

  • a growing national debt with its interest burden,
  • difficulty finding organizations or nations to buy the growing debt,
  • inflation, or even hyperinflation,
  • the decrease in the purchasing power of savings,
  • decreased consumer confidence,
  • a movement to exchange fiat currency for assets that have real value, such as gold or property,
  • a growing dependence on government payments,
  • less space for businesses to benefit and grow as government activity expands,
  • a decreasing tax base,
  • government breach of its obligations such as pensions or rights,
  • civil unrest, and ultimately
  • A change of government or monetary system.

The United States movement to fiat money

Until the great depression, the United States was in the gold standard and dollar bills could be exchanged for gold. In 1933, the dollar was devalued, but it was still backed by gold. With this gold backing and a strong economy, the US dollar was accepted as the world reserve currency after World War II.

The economies of most countries involved in World War II were in ruins. However, deficit spending during the Vietnam War caused nations to redeem their weakened dollars. With the increasing depletion of the US gold supply, President Nixon ended the dollar's gold support in 1971.

President Nixon's action turned the US dollar into fiat money that in itself is worthless and is not backed by real value assets. At the same time, all world currencies that had been linked to the US dollar since 1945 also became fiat money.

However, in 2010, because the United States economy had remained relatively strong, the dollar remains the world's leading reserve currency. Global products such as oil and gold are priced in US dollars. While the euro had strengthened to become an alternative reserve currency, recent problems in several European economies caused many to sell euros and buy US dollars along with gold and other real assets. The situation in Europe has stabilized at the moment and the euro is rising again.

The growing weakness of the US economy

However, the key position of the dollar in the global economy is increasingly questioned. There are good reasons to question the value and strength of the dollar. The United States government is guilty of all actions that make fiat money worthless, and the United States economy has experienced almost all the consequences mentioned above. Current policy only increases these effects and puts the US economy at greater risk. Some current and very serious dangers facing the United States economy are:

  1. Continuous deficit spending. Since the economic crisis of 2008, US budget deficits have tripled and are expected to remain for more than a billion dollars for many years.
  2. Increase in the money supply. There are more dollars and fewer purchases in a recession; There are too many US dollars and their value is necessarily falling. Many of these additional dollars actually belong to countries that buy our debt, such as China and Japan. Possibly, other dollars are simply printed, such an addition to the supply would immediately devalue our money.
  3. Increase in national debt: since the economic crisis of 2008, the national debt has grown by more than 3 billion, more than 30% in 2 years. Unsustainable, but no leveling in sight.
  4. Higher interest rates: Since interest rates have been at record lows, the cost of borrowing so much money has been relatively low. Higher interest rates could make a broken budget not fixable.
  5. Pension rights and commitments. The long-term obligations of the US economy. UU. Now they exceed 100 billion dollars. It is impossible to find so much extra money with 4 billion dollars of deficit spending every day. This is also unsustainable.
  6. Inflation. The dollars will not buy so much. Consumers with liquidity problems would need to reduce spending further. And companies that need customers would face higher costs and need to increase prices while courting customers who need lower prices. Inflation will weaken both the US dollar and the US economy.
  7. Flight from the United States. More companies and dollars are leaving an increasingly hostile business and tax environment for the friendliest hosts. This further weakens the US economy.

These risks could spiral down and worsen dramatically. In addition, other dangers that the US economy may face are:

  1. Countries that sell dollars. Many countries have kept dollars in reserve and many countries have bought parts of the $ 13 billion debt. How much weakness in the dollar or the US economy will cause the massive sale of dollars?
  2. Serious terrorist attack. God forbid this from happening, but such an event will create a fear that could trigger drastic "emergency" actions, such as the sale of coins for gold and other assets. This could destroy the fragile US dollar or other fragile currencies and economies.
  3. Breach of another national currency. This would negatively impact credit, commerce and international corporations, creating fear again and putting additional pressure on the economy of the United States.

Greece almost failed to comply with its obligations, a situation that caused all of Europe to stir. Fears that its breach could overthrow the precarious economies of Portugal, Spain and Ireland encouraged the world to lend money to Greece and give it time to correct its problems.

How long? More debt for Greece is an additional long-term burden. Can you solve your problems amid violent riots? What about other countries on the brink of disaster? Which one can (almost) default later? If these smaller economies fall, the largest economies in France, England and Germany will also be at serious risk.

Global impact if the fiat dollar ceases to have value

World economies are connected and many will fall if the US dollar ceases to have value. Countries that have reserves in US dollars will weaken. Even if some creditor nations with vibrant economies can maintain value in their currency, the impact of the dollar's decline will be severe.

The world needs the United States to be strong and buy its products. For example, China can resist the loss of its US dollars and its debt, but if the United States cannot afford to buy its products, at best, a large number of Chinese factories and businesses will close.

It does not matter if the fall of the US dollar precipitates the global economic collapse or if the collapse begins in other parts of the world. Many national economies are on the verge of default or collapse and could fall rapidly. However, in the face of these concerns, governments still seem to be lending and spending, increasing debt and deficit, the same actions that have brought the world to the edge of the precipice.

Travel insurance policy: is it really useful for us?

Travel insurance these days has become a crucial part of trip planning. Just because many people go to increasingly remote destinations and participate in adventure trips, the insurance plan has become a useful requirement for them. Insurance policies offer ample options, and are more complicated than ever. Medical coverage, a wide range of hospital networks, emergency evacuation, medical escorts and much more are some of the advantages of having a comprehensive travel insurance plan. It can be part of the travel insurance policy mainly if you buy from a popular insurance company.

If you embark on an exotic destination, you will most likely encounter some unpleasant situation, such as medical requirements, loss of belongings, cancellation of flights, unforeseen accidents and much more. A travel insurance policy is designed to help a traveler deal with all these problems. Here is how.

On the one hand, a travel insurance policy with medical benefits helps the insured to cover it for any unexpected medical treatment. Whether it is an accident or illness that occurs throughout the trip in a foreign country, a travel policy is of great benefit. The policies cover charges for medications and dental items purchased abroad.

On the other hand, in case you or your friend with whom you are traveling encounters a serious accident and needs a quick medical action, you will usually have to pay in advance before performing any treatment, even if it is an urgent situation. To support this situation, the insurance plan is designed to cover these charges that they require in advance. Therefore, the policy strengthens you financially and allows you to have the right treatment at the right time, regardless of where you are.

In addition to medical help, a travel insurance plan also covers the cancellation of the flight, that is, you will receive a refund if you cannot travel due to bad weather, the death of someone in your family or the cancellation of the flight. In addition, the best insurance plan covers the following: medical expenses, transportation, daily hospital allowance, total loss of luggage, including luggage delay, allowance for kidnapping, passport loss, emergency financial assistance coverage, liability personal and personal accident.

The good news is that a reputable insurer provides assistance to its clients 24 hours a day in case of any emergency when they are abroad and seek help.


When you check your travel insurance, you should make sure if international travel is considered "out of network", if so, at what rate will you be reimbursed. When evaluating a potential insurer, start with some basic questions, as if I encounter a problem, how can I access the help? Where would you get attention in an emergency situation? Do you have a network of hospitals? In which countries do you help me? Can you name some of your network hospitals?

Before buying a policy, it is also necessary to compare plans and premium rates for various policies. Many companies are there to offer free quotes to customers. Find such companies and compete their quotes. Once you find one that suits your needs, you can buy the policy.

Duties of load control

The purpose of cargo control is to ensure a safe operation of each flight with respect to the weight and balance of the aircraft. We must ensure that dangerous goods and / or miscellaneous special cargoes are loaded in accordance with regulations. By loading the luggage correctly, we ensure that the luggage of the passengers is delivered on time after arrival and the transfer of the luggage that connects to other flights is granted. Load control can be performed manually or in an EDP system. Each load controller must be able to issue manual documents in case of system failure. Below you will find the purpose of the documents that must be issued for each flight.


The purpose of the previous calculation is:

– Calculation of the estimated volume and weight needed to load luggage and mail.

– The best economic offer for the cargo department on weight and volume available for cargo.

– Calculation of the estimated weight of the aircraft. The dispatcher or commander needs this information to calculate the amount of fuel needed for a flight.

– According to these calculations, we can prepare for possible considerations to be taken in case of weight or volume problems that we may encounter.

The previous calculation is mandatory in the case of the manual loading sheet, if the loading sheet is calculated in an EDP system, it is optional.

Charging instruction

The purpose of the cargo instruction is to distribute the planned cargo for a flight making sure:

– The plane will be loaded according to our instructions.

– The center of gravity will be within the given limits.

– The inclination of the tail of the plane is avoided.

– Dangerous goods and miscellaneous special charges are loaded according to the instructions.

– The load is loaded and unloaded in the correct priority sequence.

Load sheet

The purpose of the loading sheet is:

– Calculation of the weight of the actual cargo on an aircraft, ensuring that the structural and operational weight limits of the aircraft are not exceeded.

– Calculation of the center of gravity of an aircraft, ensuring that the balance of the aircraft is within the established limits.

– Information to the crew about weight, balance and passengers in an aircraft.

– Statistics

Captain Notification

The notification to the captain (NOTOC) shows all dangerous goods and miscellaneous special cargoes that are loaded into an aircraft. This information is important for the crew to take the correct considerations of the procedure in case of incidents.


Sending of necessary messages after the departure of the aircraft.


– Safety always has the first priority!

– The priority sequence of economic punctuality and passenger comfort depends on the situation.

– The correct application of load control rules takes precedence over the work of other stations, including punctuality.

Why insure your family for a vacation?

When planning your annual family vacation, there are certain things to keep in mind, and the most important things to ensure your family is insured. It doesn't matter if you go skiing in the French Alps for a week or just head to the hills of Scotland for a weekend break, the best insurance plans can cover all eventualities.

While you may not want to think about the very good reasons why it is so important to insure your family, it is always better to be sure than to regret when it comes to this particular issue. When you are looking for coverage, you should consider the basic plans and then add the specialized options you may need, for example, if you are taking your own expensive skis, you may want to obtain additional coverage for them.


In general, you don't want to think about having to cancel your trip for any reason, especially when you've been planning it for a long time. But sometimes things come up, family members feel bad, inevitable circumstances raise their heads and you must suspend the trip. If this happens, it is not a disaster if you already have your family insured. Obtaining cancellation coverage will help ensure that you don't lose money that cost you so much to earn on lost flights and canceled accommodation, and then you can use redirect those funds to re-plan your vacation at the most appropriate time.

Lost luggage

When you get on a plane and go to a foreign destination, you expect your luggage to accompany you, but sometimes you simply decide to go on vacation on your own! When this happens, if you have adequate coverage, you can replace any necessary items immediately while the airlines work to gather it with your adventure bags. Although this does not happen too often, it is important to be covered just in case, this way you will not lose your pocket if you have to buy the essentials for your trip.

Medical coverage

Sometimes, life happens, and we have no control over unexpected medical incidents. You can eat something bad or get a strange insect or, in some cases, find something more serious in which you should consult a medical professional or spend time in a hospital. Medical coverage is one of the main reasons to insure your family. Not only will it reduce your medical expenses, but it will also give you the peace of mind of knowing that, no matter where you are, you will be covered in case something happens. Nobody likes to think of a disease that interrupts their vacations, but if it happens, it is worth being prepared.

Hotel supplies and amenities: expectations management to increase occupancy rates

Unlike other companies, hotels have been forced to intensify their game as people travel less and, when they travel, their budget is smaller in an economy still lagging behind. While the goal is always total occupancy and high occupancy rates, all hotels have vacant rooms that must be filled. Hoteliers realize that their hotels are each among many and that consumers have a variety of hotel options to choose from. Hotels realize that part of maintaining their occupancy rates is offering the right amenities at a competitive price to attract new guests and retain those who return. In the accommodation industry, hotels should be at the forefront of current trends to improve their occupancy rates, which means taking into account the hotel supplies that guests prefer as the mind of their budgets.

Hoteliers begin with the premise that most hotels offer the same basic hotel supplies and services, such as complimentary toiletries, durable ice cubes and functional hangers. They offer the basics in an effort to make a guest's stay comfortable by offering the comforts of home. While the definition of "basic" hotel supplies will vary by hotel class, most hotels offer drinking glasses, either plastic, a plastic ice bucket that is shatterproof or synthetic leather, and an iron with ironing board. Hotels compete with each other for business. The services they offer are part of that competition, which is why guests find many hotels in the same general area and price range with similar hotel services and supplies.

Depending on the sophistication of the hotel itself, guests may define "basic" differently. Absorbent towels, bedding with a greater number of threads, arched shower bars and heavy duty wooden luggage rack become basic and expected supplies for hotels in medium-grade hotels. Because they constantly compete for guests to maintain their occupancy rates, hotels constantly strive to improve their competition. This is more true the more sophisticated the hotel is, since they know that consumers have a wide variety of options and standards such as glasses and coffee service are no longer enough. Instead, hotels should study what the new basic is and add it to their repertoire of hotel supplies and services to impact their occupancy rates.

The 5-star hotels and resorts are on a unique level in every way, from the level of guest services they offer to the list of amenities and services available to attract guests and increase occupancy rates. Microfiber bathrobes and slippers, monogrammed glass cups, video game systems and fogless shaving mirrors are among the high-quality hotel supplies offered to guests at luxury resorts and hotels. They expect, and the numbers tell them, that by offering services that are beyond the basic hotel supplies provided by their competitors, they will not only attract and retain the richest guests, but also increase their occupancy rates.

It is a fact that hotels, regardless of their rating and price, want to please their guests by offering the best hotel supplies and services. However, when hotels are reviewing the amenities they can offer to guests, deciding what specific hotel supplies they will offer will depend in part on their budget and what previous hotel guests have indicated they would like to see or likely use. Hotel supplies are an intrinsic part of the hotel experience and their impact cannot and should not be underestimated, as they can affect occupancy rates. All things being equal, adequate hotel supplies can make or break a guest's experience.

Strange Indian traditions that will keep you amazed

India has always been a mysterious place that has been attracting people from all over the world to explore this unfathomable wonderland. There is so much hidden and hidden that it is practiced in India and it is hard to believe. Some traditions are so strange that it will give you chills. Therefore, if you are prepared for an adventure and an experience full of excitement on your vacation in India, there are some unconventional destinations that you would have to explore. Then, book your tickets for India and start.

Throwing baby

The Solapur region in Maharashtra, India, has this strange habit of giving their children a long and healthy life. Parents throw their babies from the top of a tower, about 50 feet high. Falling babies are caught in a sheet by the people below. It is a common belief that such a practice will cure your children of ailments if there are today and in the future as well. This is mainly done by Muslims and few Hindu families too. Security services are also provided by local authorities in the area during the performance of this strange practice.

The Aghori Sadhu sect

The Aghoris are members of the Hindu sect who have always been of great interest and suspicion in people. These Aghoris worship Lord Shiva, remain naked, reside in the cremation fields, drink alcohol and eat corpse meat. They often cover themselves with ash and do strange rituals and meditation using corpses.

Shoe theft ritual (Juta Churai Rasam)

This is a fun-filled ritual in Hindus, which is also often shown in Bollywood movies. In fact, it is a fun activity that allows the bride's sisters to steal the boyfriend's shoes while he participates in performing the traditional rituals of marriage. The cousins ​​and friends of the boyfriend try to protect the shoes from theft, but if the girls succeed in their mission, then they give them custody of the shoes when they receive the desired amount of rescue.

Dhinga Gavar Festival

It is a festival held in Jodhpur, in the state of Rajasthan, India. Dhinga literally means seeking fun from deception. Dhingar Gavar is a popular deity. Legend says that once Lord Shiva dressed like a shoemaker and came to make fun of his consort Parvati. Parvati also disguised the tribal women of & # 39; bhil & # 39;, and appeared before Shiva to participate in that fun. Dhinga Gawar's performance begins on the night of Holi's next day, every year. Dhinga Gawar statues are placed in 11 vital places. The statues are decorated with traditional Rajasthani outfits and decorated with gold jewelry weighing 5 to 30 kg.

Mourning of Muharram

To honor the death of Husayn ibn Ali (Muhammad's grandson), certain groups of the Shiya sect of Muslims roam the streets in groups and whip themselves with chains with knives and razors. Some of them even opened their heads with knives. This peculiar ritual is called & # 39; kill & # 39; and even children are encouraged to do so by certain families. Not all Muslims support this practice. Some condemn it too.

Human-Animal Marriage

It is believed in some parts of India that ghosts capture the bodies of some people. It is believed that ghosts have possessed girls born with an already erupted tooth or facial deformities. The exorcism of the victims is achieved by marrying an animal like a goat or a dog. The wedding is carried out with great pomp and show, although the good thing is that the intercourse is exempt and the girl can remarry after the ghost relieves her. I wonder in what parameter they do that analysis.

Lath Sea Holi

Holi is the second largest festival in India after Diwali. Lath Mar Holi is a local celebration that takes place before the royal Holi in Barsana, a town near Mathura, which is the birthplace of Lord Krishna. According to local legend, Krishna visited the Barsana village of his beloved Radha, where he and his friends made fun of her and her friends. To take revenge, the ladies invited Krishna and her friends to Barsana in Holi and beat them with sticks explaining that it is a mandatory ritual. Since then, the ritual is performed in the same places and the people in Mathura and Vrindavan play Lath Mar Holi shouting Jai Shree Radha and jai Shree Krishna.

Weapon worship in Navratri

Navratri is a famous festival dedicated to the cult of the Hindu deity, Durga. Navratri literally means nine nights that symbolize nine forms of Shakti / Devi / Goddess that are revered with great reverence and rituals in various parts of India and in some parts weapons and tools are worshiped.

Varuna Yajna (Hindu god of rain)

Agriculture is the main sector of India on which India's economy depends and agriculture depends directly on monsoon rains. If the monsoon fails, farmers and the country's economy suffer greatly. Sometimes, the scarcity or absence of rain is the reason why farmers commit suicide. Such is the importance of rains for India. As we know, India has 330 million Gods and Goddesses, there is also a rain God, Lord Varuna. Every time the monsoon fails or weakens, Varun Yajna performs to please the God of the rains. During the execution of such Yajna, the Hindu priests sit inside the barrels filled with water and perform special prayers to please the rain of God.

Buy a property in Santorini: get a better return on your investment

The islands of Santorini in Greece are the most desired holiday destination by Europeans. Its unique natural beauty attracts visitors to enjoy its golden moments and remember the route of their dreams in Santorini. Sunbathing on uniquely colored sandy beaches, fun sunsets, beautiful land writings, cheap hotels and restaurants, luxurious lifestyle, condemned blue churches, nightclubs and bars, ancient monuments, ancient sculptures and museums are enough to attract visitors to Santorini to enjoy their vacations This place is always flooded with tourists and its economy depends heavily on travel and tourism. Due to this reason, the property value of this place is quite high and you can get a better return on your property investment through rentals.

The celestial Mediterranean climate of Santorini attracts people from different parts to spend and enjoy more and more days here. Especially only married couples choose this island as the best honeymoon destination. Lonely and colorful beaches allow them to spend more and more time together. To enjoy a delicious nightlife, nightclubs and bars, cinemas, beer bars, taverns, restaurants and coffee shops are open until late at night for visitors.

Today, Santorini communicates properly with other European countries and many major international airports and ports. Santorini International Airport receives direct and low-cost charter flights from the United Kingdom along with regular ferry services and daily high-speed ferries to and from Athens and high-speed catamarans from Crete.

In recent decades, communication and infrastructure have improved surprisingly, with the construction of high-level roads, good transport systems, drinking water, new sewage and electricity systems, hospitals and a university. It is accessible throughout the year, but it is a very small island that slows down a bit in winter.

The Santorini real estate market is another aspect that attracts all ages and especially young couples who have been so impressed that they have moved permanently. Property growth is very high, that is, some prices increase up to 300 percent in five years, sometimes even 100 percent in one year. It is a better idea to buy a real estate property in Santorini and stay here permanently or use the property as a rental or for commercial purposes. We have our real estate for sale near the beach of Kamari and villas near the beach of Monolithos.

As an established democracy, Greece is a full member of Europe, which means that for Europeans the buying process is quick and simple. It is also giving Spain a run for its money these days on the British tourist front, which is good news for anyone planning to rent their property. There is a great demand during the summer season and many tour operators put properties in their books after meeting the government-regulated requirements for short-term rental.

Land for sale in Kamari Beach of Santorini:

The land on Kamari beach is 15 meters from the main bus station and approximately 70 meters from the beach. It is a good place to build houses or even stores and make a profit through rent. Since Kamari beach is the most tourist town in Santorini, it could be a good place to invest and get a better return on investment. The land is 650 square meters and its 510 square meters could be used to build. At the moment there had been engineering plans for a provisional building, but they have not yet been processed to build.