Has the economy affected vacation travel?

As network marketing experts often say: "When the economy is good, a network marketing business is good, but when the economy is bad … a network marketing business is excellent!" And the proof is in the pudding! For example, take a look at the recent growth of online businesses today. With the emergence of web 2.0 (also known as social networks), the opportunities to establish contacts, learn, learn and invest online are endless. More than 79 million people per year review or join a family business opportunity in the network marketing industry.

What about the travel industry business? The Global Resorts Network (GRN), a five-year company that offers lifetime travel memberships through a parent company that has existed for 20 years, is now experiencing competition! Competition after leading for 5 years in a row without any company with a similar compensation plan or product? In such an economy, would people dare to BEGIN a new company? Of course! And what better adventure to enter than copy one that is already successful and that has experienced continuous growth and profits for 5 years in a row? Some would say it is an intelligent movement.

So Mor Vacations, who opened recently in August 2008, decided to copy the Global Resorts Network compensation plan and go for it! Now Global Resorts has competition. Well, copying a successful company, product or idea is not always the best way to succeed. It is not only because of its lucrative compensation plan that Global Resorts Network enjoys its success. It is located in a myriad of other high quality areas, such as its excellent customer service, availability of destinations and the loyalty of its members. Integrity and loyalty are hard to copy! But to be fair, competition is always good and healthy. It simply means that you are doing something right!

But what about the impact of the economy on travel? And is this travel business opportunity a potentially good option to earn money today? Well, this is what happened recently: the increase in gasoline prices has affected flights, food, interest rates and also the prices of resorts. Most people stay (thus helping the economy local). But what happens if you have in your hands a "lifetime travel membership" that sets the prices of those resorts regardless of the state of the economy? See, with the Global Resorts Network travel membership, a 7-day stay at any of its 4-5 star resorts ALWAYS ranges from $ 299 to $ 799 for the entire stay. The price does not change. Well, yes, it changes, sometimes Global Resorts members get special offers for less than $ 299. But that's a "good change" in the price, so we won't count that again for the economy!

So, yes, the travel industry has definitely suffered, perhaps not as badly as some other industries, but people are now opting for businesses that offer them fixed prices for travel and from which they can benefit financially simply by sharing that same opportunity to travel. Saving with others. What would you do if you had a lifetime travel membership and knew that you can go anywhere for less than $ 799? I bet that would make a difference in your vacation budget! And also, what would happen if sharing that membership meant a $ 1,000 check for you? I think it's worth taking a second look.