Why stay home when Sanibel is affordable, beautiful and warm?

Start making your vacation to remember with Christmas in Sanibel!

OK, suppose you don't find the Luminaire enough reason to go to Sanibel Island at Christmas.

May sunlight and palm trees alone not attract you.

Long walks in mild weather to help you digest your Christmas dinner will not motivate you.

Or even that Sanibel overcomes staying at home in the cold and snow. Or deal with your in-laws who are wonderful and well-meaning, BUT …

Then consider this.

Sanibel is a wonderful place to shop throughout the year, and at Christmas you can find some bargains. Therefore, you do not have to go home shopping in the cold and snow and can carry with you some great treasures for your friends and family.

Right next to Sanibel you will find a wonderland to entertain and delight. From December 12 to 31, you can celebrate holidays at Edison Ford Winter Estates with Holiday Nights 2008. For the past 33 years, historic buildings and gardens have been decorated with traditional lights and decorations. With a different theme every year, 2008 will celebrate the "old toys of the Edison era." Houses and porches will be adorned with dollhouses, trucks and antique toys, as well as seasonal decorations that fill 20 acres of gardens and the recently restored Edison buildings. There will be new exhibitions and exhibitions, as well as traditional favorites and nightly musical performances, shopping and the tree path for children.

And keep in mind that, due to the poor economy, you are very likely to find exceptional accommodations at a discount.

Air fares are also more reasonable, as United offers incredibly low one-way fares and other airlines that advertise fares from many US cities. UU.

So what stops you now?