Buy a property in Santorini: get a better return on your investment

The islands of Santorini in Greece are the most desired holiday destination by Europeans. Its unique natural beauty attracts visitors to enjoy its golden moments and remember the route of their dreams in Santorini. Sunbathing on uniquely colored sandy beaches, fun sunsets, beautiful land writings, cheap hotels and restaurants, luxurious lifestyle, condemned blue churches, nightclubs and bars, ancient monuments, ancient sculptures and museums are enough to attract visitors to Santorini to enjoy their vacations This place is always flooded with tourists and its economy depends heavily on travel and tourism. Due to this reason, the property value of this place is quite high and you can get a better return on your property investment through rentals.

The celestial Mediterranean climate of Santorini attracts people from different parts to spend and enjoy more and more days here. Especially only married couples choose this island as the best honeymoon destination. Lonely and colorful beaches allow them to spend more and more time together. To enjoy a delicious nightlife, nightclubs and bars, cinemas, beer bars, taverns, restaurants and coffee shops are open until late at night for visitors.

Today, Santorini communicates properly with other European countries and many major international airports and ports. Santorini International Airport receives direct and low-cost charter flights from the United Kingdom along with regular ferry services and daily high-speed ferries to and from Athens and high-speed catamarans from Crete.

In recent decades, communication and infrastructure have improved surprisingly, with the construction of high-level roads, good transport systems, drinking water, new sewage and electricity systems, hospitals and a university. It is accessible throughout the year, but it is a very small island that slows down a bit in winter.

The Santorini real estate market is another aspect that attracts all ages and especially young couples who have been so impressed that they have moved permanently. Property growth is very high, that is, some prices increase up to 300 percent in five years, sometimes even 100 percent in one year. It is a better idea to buy a real estate property in Santorini and stay here permanently or use the property as a rental or for commercial purposes. We have our real estate for sale near the beach of Kamari and villas near the beach of Monolithos.

As an established democracy, Greece is a full member of Europe, which means that for Europeans the buying process is quick and simple. It is also giving Spain a run for its money these days on the British tourist front, which is good news for anyone planning to rent their property. There is a great demand during the summer season and many tour operators put properties in their books after meeting the government-regulated requirements for short-term rental.

Land for sale in Kamari Beach of Santorini:

The land on Kamari beach is 15 meters from the main bus station and approximately 70 meters from the beach. It is a good place to build houses or even stores and make a profit through rent. Since Kamari beach is the most tourist town in Santorini, it could be a good place to invest and get a better return on investment. The land is 650 square meters and its 510 square meters could be used to build. At the moment there had been engineering plans for a provisional building, but they have not yet been processed to build.