The Boeing 717

ME. Following its lineage until the DC-9, the MD-80 and the MD-90, the Boeing 717, which had initially been designated as the MD-95, had been the last purely McDonnell-Douglas aircraft and the first and only in been transferred to Boeing to continue production. Conceived as an advanced, low-wing, 100-passenger airliner with two high-ratio bypass turbofan […]

Why the value of FIAT money will always go to zero

Paper money today is fiat money. Since 1971, real assets have not backed the dollars that Americans spend. Paper dollars have value for government fiat: the government has declared that these printed dollars are legal money. Due to the solid economic history of the United States, the dollar continues to perceive value in the United […]

Travel insurance policy: is it really useful for us?

Travel insurance these days has become a crucial part of trip planning. Just because many people go to increasingly remote destinations and participate in adventure trips, the insurance plan has become a useful requirement for them. Insurance policies offer ample options, and are more complicated than ever. Medical coverage, a wide range of hospital networks, […]

Duties of load control

The purpose of cargo control is to ensure a safe operation of each flight with respect to the weight and balance of the aircraft. We must ensure that dangerous goods and / or miscellaneous special cargoes are loaded in accordance with regulations. By loading the luggage correctly, we ensure that the luggage of the passengers […]