Hertz Car Rental Overview of the company's history, vehicle collection, services and policies

If you want convenience and reliability with a vehicle on your next vacation or business trip, it is a good idea to start with Hertz. The company started in 1918 when it offered some Ford Model T for rent. Today, Hertz car rental is a world leader in the travel and tourism industry. It operates in more than 150 countries worldwide.

The vehicles are divided into a variety of categories, such as the Green Collection, which consists of ecological, hybrid and electric vehicles from Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen, etc. If you want a hot rod from Ford or Chevy, perhaps the Adrenaline Collection has what you're looking for. Do you travel with children or a group of friends? You can book a rental of SUV or mini-van. There are also many affordable economic cars if you just want the basic one.

As with any car rental company, Hertz cannot offer a 100% guarantee that you will get the exact model you are looking for, due to supply and demand. However, representatives will still try to meet your needs as much as possible. Special services are available to help the disabled. In all corporate locations, customers can book a car with manual controls at no additional charge.

There is a pick-up and drop-off location for Hertz car rental right at or very close to most airports. In general, it is easy to get to locations outside the airport by shuttle bus. This company offers a Best Rate Guarantee, which applies only to the "base rate" and does not include surcharges, fuel, taxes, etc.

Hertz car rental for young drivers
Hertz offers rentals for drivers between 20 and 24 years old, although in some circumstances there is a surcharge. The fare is determined based on the location and type of vehicle.

Express return services allow customers to simply leave their vehicle when the rental period ends. This is a good service to take advantage of if you ever have little time and need to hurry to take your flight. All you have to do is park the car in Hertz's parking lot, leave the keys inside and get out.

There are three options for refueling: prepaid, refueling and refueling the company. With the prepaid option, you will not have to refill the car before returning it. However, you will not receive a refund for any fuel you have not used.

Before making your travel reservation, check Hertz car rental coupons that can be used online.

It is better to use Hertz car rental promotion codes online, where you can get the most value for your money. Use the site to browse all available rentals in cities around the world. No matter where you want to go, there will surely be an affordable Hertz car waiting for you.