It's time to buy real estate in northern Sardinia!

Are you interested in properties in Sardinia? If so, pay close attention to the northern part of the island. Here you can still find good deals on properties in Sardinia at a reasonable price. With the current economy, real estate is not selling much, so this is a very good time to buy.

If you are looking for properties in Sardinia, northern Sardinia is very attractive. The largest province in Italy, Sassari, is located here. Sassari and Alghero are the main cities of the province in the northwest of Sardinia. In Sassari you can find good deals on houses near the sea and beautiful apartments in the city center. Alghero is very popular among those who buy property in Sardinia. It is located right on the seashore and is a very typical Mediterranean city, although with the local spirit of Sardinia. For a reasonable price, you can buy a villa in Alghero or a nice apartment with sea views. Another main province of northern Sardinia is Olbia-Tempio, northeast of the island of Sardinia. This province is famous for its glamorous Costa Smeralda. This area is popular with rich people interested in buying a villa in Sardinia. The villas in Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo, the most famous areas of Costa Smeralda, belong to luxury properties in Sardinia.

When you are on your own property in Sardinia, you will hardly want to go anywhere else, but in case you decide to go to the mainland, there is a simple solution. There are two international airports and three ports in the north of the island that make it easy to reach the rest of the world. Special low-cost air fares and ferry tickets applied on the island make all your trips cheaper than from any other part of Europe. In addition to the good infrastructure and easy transport links, northern Sardinia is beautiful, you will enjoy its national parks and the unforgettable sea with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

When you buy a villa, a house or an apartment in the north of Sardinia, you, of course, buy a property in Italy, but at the same time you have the opportunity to enter a totally unique piece of paradise on earth with one of the Lower population density in Italy, with cleaner air and water, excellent food and original culture, combining local spirit, European quality and the warmth of Africa. At the same time, thanks to the excellent transport connections, all the charm of Europe with its historical and architectural attractions is so close. Ryanair airlines offer low-cost flights to many European capitals in the shortest possible time. Getting to the airport in northern Sardinia is a very short and pleasant trip because you will not find traffic. Check-in is done online. Flights to Sardinia to visit your apartment, villa or house is not a problem at all. If you want to travel in Europe by car, there are ferries at your service. On a ferry from northern Sardinia, you can go to several Italian regions (Liguria, Tuscany, Lazio, Campania) and France (Corsica Island and the mainland). You can travel to cities like Genoa (an hour and a half drive from Milan and two hours to Nice and Cannes), Livorno (ten minutes by car to Pisa and about an hour to Florence), Piombino, Civitavecchia (half an hour drive to Rome) , Naples, Marseille. Corsica is 30 minutes away. From there you can take another ferry to reach Toulon. Having a property in northern Sardinia means having the opportunity to travel through Europe at a very low price.

But most likely, as soon as you are at home in Sardinia, you don't want to go anywhere else. This island is really a paradise on earth!

The north of Sardinia offers an unlimited selection of real estate. Here you can buy an apartment with two bedrooms, living room and kitchen in an area with good infrastructure near the sea for a price that is approximately the price of a small one bedroom apartment in the suburbs of Moscow or London, for example. If you are interested in a luxury villa in Sardinia with a spectacular sea view, you will have to pay some money, but you will never regret this purchase. The beautiful seascapes, the excellent food, restaurants, bars, discos, beaches, etc., everything that makes northern Sardinia so attractive to the world elite, will be at your disposal.

So, he has decided to buy a property in Sardinia. What's next?

If you are familiar with Sardinia and local customs, speak Italian, have time to travel and are anxious to take care of all the transactions yourself, the best solution for you is, of course, to go to the owner of the property in Sardinia or to a Local real estate agency to skip any additional expenses!

But what if you want to buy a property in Sardinia, but you don't speak Italian (English-speaking Sardites are a rare occasion), you don't have time for multiple visits to Sardinia and there are many other obstacles in your path that don't allow you to Directly contact a local owner or real estate agency?

The first thing that comes to mind is, most likely, to contact the neighboring real estate agency in the area where you live. Such a decision will definitely save you time, but will limit your choice, your control and substantially increase the price of the agreement.

  1. Real estate agencies that operate anywhere other than Sardinia (in our case, northern Sardinia) only have those properties for sale that are beneficial to them. Your choice is seriously limited..
  2. Real estate agencies that operate anywhere other than Sardinia (in our case, northern Sardinia) give you all the information you need, but based on your interests, to get as much money as possible. Transparency of transactions and price determination remain in the shade. Your can't control the situation here unless you have someone you trust in Sardinia try it
  3. You pay for the services of a real estate agent of a selling party and a real estate agent of a buying party. Both parties wish to obtain a higher agreement price to obtain a better percentage. It becomes obvious that the overpayment Buying a property in Sardinia, in this case, it is quite substantial

What other solutions can be found in this situation?

The best solution is to find someone local you can trust because once you have a house in Sardinia you will want someone you trust to take care of it.