Badminton for physical education: what products can withstand punishment!

Badminton has been an old resource for physical education classes over the decades. Badminton, a fantastic sport that can be played by young people and adults alike, requires little equipment and offers exciting training that will improve the coordination and agility of the eyes and hands.

The physical education team carries a light and beating badminton racket, the little birds and the nets are not known for their ability to resist punishment.

While new racket materials, such as titanium compounds, have become more frequent, there are some standard models that are known to take a lickin and continue to stack. You understand!

This article will point to some models of badminton rackets on which physical education teachers have depended throughout the country. We will also discuss badminton flyers and badminton networks that will help you run your physical education program.

Badminton rackets:

While competitive badders around the world may be in the market for high-tech badminton rackets for physical education classes, you should have a material in mind: steel, steel, steel.

There is no substitute for good old steel. Steel shaft, steel frame and even steel ropes. Here are some popular models.

The Morley # M14539 badminton racket offers almost all the steel you can put in an unfinished racket with a giant spatula.

The Morley # M14540 does not feature steel strings, but it does not lack durability. The double steel shafts make this badminton racket come back for more, again and again.

The Morley # M14543 badminton racket is 2 inches shorter than a standard badminton racket. With a length of 24 inches, it is designed for younger elementary school badminton players. It also features a durable steel shaft and a steel frame.

Other models that are popular at the institutional level are the following.

Carlton Attack Ti, Carlton C9750, Carlton 313, ADA 76 Smack Excel, Yonex B460 and HL 110.

Some of these models have aluminum shafts and frames, but all these models have proven effective in the gym and are of great value. These high-end models are still available at affordable prices, which makes them a great buy for secondary level physical education classes, where durability can be a little less worrying and a better game racket is more important for Students can excel.

Badminton shuttlecocks and little birds

Here it gets a little complicated. While steel rackets are usually some of the least expensive and the best for physical education classes when it comes to flyers, the cheapest is not always the best. The less expensive flyers are made of plastic with a rubber tip and should only be considered for use in the backyard.

They do not offer the best flight characteristics, so they will actually make the game more difficult since the little bird seems to have its own mind in flight. However, they are a bargain, so you may want to have some on hand just in case.

The best models have a cork tip for better extraction of the racket and nylon skirts that work well.

As for speed, my advice is medium or blue speed, as it is practical for all age groups.

In colored sand, yellow has become increasingly popular among young people, as they are easier to track in flight.

My choice of flyers for PE would be one of these or a combination.

Carlton T800 Yellow Blue Speed

Carlton C100 White Blue Speed

Yonex Mavis M300M White or Yellow

All of the above is of high quality for great playability. They will jump off the ropes, fly in the direction you intended, assuming you know how to use the racket and that they are durable enough to survive physical education classes.

Badminton nets

Many school accounts buy our PE quality badminton networks or economic networks, which is fine, but if your network will be used indoors, I can suggest the M14563 institutional network. The difference, apart from a few dollars, is that the institutional model has sides and bottom with adhesive tape, while the less expensive models are net.

The sides and the bottom with adhesive tape make the network maintain its shape better for a more professional look and better playability, the tape also helps the network stand out more and the most important thing is that the sides and bottom With adhesive tape they make the net last longer and easier to roll up for storage. Believe me, the few extra dollars are worth it.

If you are using the network abroad, however, choose the cheapest model, this will face the best elements and give you more for your money.

This little tip should help you stretch your physical education team's budget.

Badminton is a fantastic sport and teaching it to our children in physical education classes will help develop healthy adults. The sport will improve coordination, balance and agility, in addition to building a healthy respect for competition.