Highlighting award-winning chefs and restaurants in Atlanta


It’s no secret that Atlanta is home to the best chefs and restaurants in the Southeast. Over the past few decades, Atlanta has seen a large influx of award-winning chefs and five-star restaurants, making Atlanta home to several incredible and unique dining experiences.
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Many of Atlanta’s award-winning chefs have been named “Top Chef” by the Food Network and have continued their success by opening award-winning restaurants. Season 4’s top chef Richard Blais has made a huge splash with his innovative restaurant experiences on stage in Atlanta. In 2008, Blaze opened FLIP Burger, burgers including Louisiana prawns, fauxlafel and chicken. If burgers aren’t enough, FLIPS also offers a range of original milkshakes, including Krispy Kreme Coconut Cocktail, Nutella Cocktail and Captain Crunch Cocktail.
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Since opening in 2008, FLIP has become so successful that Blaze has actually opened two sisters. In addition to the FLIP extension, Blaze introduced Atlanta to his latest idea for the HD1 restaurant. HD1 is a gourmet hot dog restaurant located in the hills of Monday and is in line with American gourmet ideals expressed in the FLIPS menu. Unlike the typical joints of hot dogs, Blaze has developed a menu that turns a daily dance park into a gourmet meal.
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Blaze is not the only star of an Atlanta chef. Kevin Gillespie, Eli Kirshtein, Hector Santiago, Janine Falvo and Whitney Otawaka were all featured on the “Top Chef” Food Network. Kevin Gillespie, a favorite fan of the season’s 6 best chefs, is just opening his first restaurant “Gunshow”. The Gunshow is expected to open in April 2013. It is expected to be the most unique and innovative restaurant to be unveiled in Atlanta. A gunshow that rebels against a traditional dining room will have no servers or set menus. The idea of ​​the restaurant is to connect readers with food on a personal level. One way to do this is for chefs to serve food.
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Eli Kirshten, who was featured in Season 6 Top Chefs; it began as a fry of chefs under world-renowned chef Kevin Rathbun at the door in Atlanta. After culinary school, Kirshten worked with Richard Blais in ONE High School. He is currently developing a new Atlanta project and working as a culinary consultant.
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Hector Santiago, also from Top Chef Season 6, has spent the last 12 years developing his Pura Vida restaurant. Unfortunately, Pura Vita saw that it was open last night on New Year’s Eve 2012. Santiago hopes to open a new restaurant in the near future.
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Janine Falvo from season 9 is currently the chef at Brizo in Midtown. At Brizo, Falvo expresses a farm dining experience that uses only the freshest ingredients. Whitney Otawaka was also a competitor in season 9 and, like Falvo, currently leads the farm to a table in Athens, Georgia called Farm 225.
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When it comes to good food in Atlanta, there are more than enough celebrity chefs who provide food that is much more than just average food!