Strange smoking


As more and more states pass laws banning smoking in public, crush the hopes of cigar smokers with the ease of crushing used cigarettes, people everywhere are calling for a “foul” not to tell lawmakers to kiss ashes. The laws against an avid cigar smoker are extremely ridiculous.

But ridiculous laws are part of secular culture. From the law in Denver, which prohibits people from lending vacuum cleaners to other residences, to the law in Wyoming, which prohibits people from taking pictures of rabbits during the month of June, many rules and regulations simply don’t make sense. In Champaign, Illinois, there is even a law that forbids someone from peeing in the neighbor’s neighbor, which undoubtedly destroys the weekend plans of countless Midwestern citizens.

It was only a matter of time before this law spread to the tobacco industry. Recently, they have become brighter and have marked our world as a “no smoking” sign. Unusual smoking laws can be found almost anywhere, not just in one state or one country.

Australia: Australia has a law that prohibits children from buying cigars or cigarettes. This is not strange, as many countries have similar regulations. However, Australia excels because children, although they cannot buy tobacco, have a legal right to consume it. If an adult buys for them, Australian children are free to smoke a cigar in front of a police officer, parent, teacher or even a kangaroo.

New Orleans, Louisiana: In a city known for wine pleasure – home to everything from Mardi Gras to extravagant casinos – cigarette and cigarette smoking is a bit twisted. New Orleans has a law that prohibits anyone attending a carnival or parade from using tobacco products. In addition, the word “no smoking” must be visibly affixed to all floating passages, not that observers trying to obtain beads try to observe all spectators trying to obtain beads.

Zion, Illinois: When you think you’ve heard it all in terms of rules, there is a law in Zion that forbids owners from giving a lighted cigar to one of their pets. While the law specifically names dogs and cats, it certainly applies to all types of domestic animals: hamsters, gerbils and goldfish. None of these pets are allowed to smoke cigars, no matter how much they beg and beg.

France: Colonel Mustard, in the boiler room, with an ashtray. That’s right, an ashtray. In France, ashtrays are considered deadly weapons. Maybe it’s because people can use ashtrays to hit others, or maybe it’s because ashtrays are known to prey on unsuspecting victims, jump into the alleys, and blind them with a cloud of dust. But the most likely reason is that it is France. A nation that is considered passive, some people may think that French citizens are murdered from murder threatened Brady Bunch. We heard Marcia wrapped herself.

New Jersey: While it is common in many zoos to have the words “Do not feed animals” in many zoos, New Jersey takes the term a step further. Under a law that forbids people from giving cigars or whiskey to local animals at the zoo, the animals in this captivity are clearly not interested. However, since whiskey is the only liqueur that is specifically named, it leads him to wonder if chilled beer could be frowned on animals anyway. If not, the animals might occasionally smoke a cigar. You know, socially.

South Bend, Indiana: In connection with the animal kingdom theme, it is illegal in South Bend for a monkey to smoke a cigarette. The law dates back to 1924, when a monkey was found guilty of the crime of cigarette smoking and was forced to pay a $ 25 fine as well as legal costs. We are not sure what happened when the monkey, recently out of work, was unable to come up with the money. Maybe he was forbidden to participate none form of evolution.

Newport, Rhode Island: On the east coast, Newport has a law that forbids people from smoking a pipe after sunset. Sometimes it’s okay, but once the sun goes down, it’s one law that a passionate tobacco lover can’t put in a pipe and smoke.

Marceline, Missouri: In this city in Missouri, minors are allowed to buy rolling papers and tobacco, but are not allowed to buy lighters. If only, even if there was, there was a way to easily get matches, perhaps from a local restaurant or cafe. Maybe in a perfect world, the ability to find matches would appear.

Obviously, this world contains a large number of laws that are established for such reasons as refusing a million dollars or volunteering to stay on the Titanic. But a smoking cigar can be sure that the victim of this madness is not just their luxury. These types of laws are everywhere, from banning buzzing to pronouncing illegal driving in a domestic coat, these rules impose the word “terrible” in the word “legal.” And they ask one question whether more laws can be passed, such as a rule that replaces every cigarette with its superior: a cigar.