The program of "Experts" What Makes a Crypto Mistake


Bitcoin went up about a month ago, on December 17, about $ 20,000. As I write, cryptocurrency is under $ 11,000 … a loss of about 45%. It’s more than that $ 150 billion in the market for a lost market.

Cue hand encounters and grind teeth in crypto-commentariat. It’s neck to neck, but I think the “I-told-you-so” group has more limits than the “cause-makers.”

Here’s the thing: Unless you just throw your shirt on bitcoin, this doesn’t matter. And chances are, the “experts” you see in the media won’t tell you why.

Instead, the bitcoin collapse is a good thing … because it means we can all stop thinking about cryptocurrensets together.

Bitcoin Death …

After a year, people will no longer be talking about bitcoin on the sales line or on the bus, as it is now. That is why.

Bitcoin is based on the right frustration. Its maker explicitly stated that cryptocurrency transactions are the result of persecution perpetrated by the government in the form of currencies such as the dollar or euro. They had to offer an independent, supportive approach to each other in terms of money that could not be compromised, since there were so few.

That dream was long foreshadowed by false reasoning. Surprisingly, most people care about bitcoin because it seems like an easy way to earn fiat money! They do not have them because they want to buy pizza or gas with them.

In addition to being a bad way to switch electronically – slowly, the success of bitcoin as a competitive game has made it as unprofitable as money. Why would anyone ruin it if they appreciated it so quickly? Who can accept one if it is too small?

Bitcoin is also a major source of pollution. It takes 351 hours of electricity to achieve one thing – which also releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It is enough to rule one US family for a year. The energy used by all bitcoin mines to date could start at about 4 million US families a year.

Surprisingly, the success of bitcoin remains a thing of the past predictive game – not the use of libertarian where they think it is – has led to the destruction of the state.

China, South Korea, Germany, Switzerland and France have instituted, or are considering, banning or limiting bitcoin trading. Several government agencies have called for concerted action to end the blight. The US Securities and Exchange Commission, which previously seemed to approve bitcoin financial transactions, now seems skeptical.

And according to “The European Union is following strict rules to protect money laundering and terrorist financing on financial platforms. It is also looking at borders on cryptocurrency transactions.”

We could see a working currency, valid one day, but it won’t be bitcoin.

… But the Crypto Economy Strengthening

Good. Finding more allows us to see where the real value of crypto assets lies. This is how it is.

To use the subway system in New York, you need tokens. You can’t use it to buy anything … even you he can sell them to someone who wants to use the subway more than you.

On the contrary, if underground tokens are not actually available, the favored market may be available. They can sell more than they used to spend on. It all depends on the size of the population I want to using the subway.

This, in short, is the case for reliable “cryptocurrensets” other than bitcoin. They are not money, they are symptoms – “crypto-tokens,” if you wish. It is not used as ordinary money. They are just as good on the platform as they are designed.

If these platforms provide value-added services, people will want crypto-tokens, and this is what will ruin their value. In other words, crypto-tokens have a value to the extent that people appreciate the things you can get from their platform.

This will make them real goods, and internal tree – because it can be used to find something that people appreciate. This means that you can eagerly anticipate the amount of money or activity having crypto-tokens. Suddenly, you can measure future returns against the crypto-token price, just as we do when calculating the value / profit (P / E) of a commodity.

In contrast, Bitcoin has no value whatsoever. It has a price tag – the price set for delivery and demand. It can’t bring future income, and you can’t measure anything as a P / E rating for it.

One day it will be useless because it does not get you real.

Ether and Other Crypto Are the Future

Ether crypto-token authenticated it seems as money. They are traded on cryptocurrency exchanges under the ETH number. Its symbol is the Greek culture of Xi. It is placed in the same (but less energy-efficient) way.

But ether is not money. Its developers describe it as “fuel for the shared Ethereum platform. It is a cost-effective way for platform customers to develop machines that operate the system.”

Ether Signals gives you the opportunity to use the most advanced networks in the world. I promise that big companies are falling together to create real-world jobs.

Because most people who sell it don’t understand or care about its real purpose, the price of ether has swelled and cooled like bitcoin in recent weeks.

But in the end, ether is back to a fixed price based on the need for accounting services that can “buy” people. That tree represents real value which can be purchased later. There will be a future market, as well as currency exchange (ETFs), because everyone will have a way to assess their value over time. Just as we do with stocks.

What will that benefit be? I do not know. But I know it will be more than just bitcoin.

My advice: Remove your bitcoin, and buy ether soon.