The reason is that there will be no Bitcoin


It’s been 10 crazy years of Bitcoin. It has been 10 years since Bitcoin was introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto. Everyone, he, she or they were, they had great power over the world. They no doubt predicted that this would be why they had chosen to become famous.

That is why for over a decade Bitcoin is still alive and well more powerful than ever. Thousands of other crypto currencies have come along since they all tried to imitate the king of Crypto. They have all failed and will continue to fail. Bitcoin is another type. Something that can’t be the same. If you don’t know why let me explain.

If you don’t know what Bitcoin is I just give you a brief note:

  • Bitcoin Is A Cryptocurrency Online

  • It has a Maximum Supply of 21 Million

  • Cannot Be Made

  • Not All Money Is Spreading

  • They are completely distributed without any supervisors

  • It cannot be tested

  • With Your Friends Spending Money

  • Anyone Can Use It

  • Bitcoin Has A Stable Tool That Lasts For Four Years

What Makes Bitcoin Different?

So what makes Bitcoin different from the billions of dollars that have been made since then?

When Bitcoin was first introduced it began to spread slowly among a small group of people. It grew naturally. As people began to see the benefits of Bitcoin and how the price could rise due to its stability, it began to grow rapidly.

The Bitcoin blockchain has now spread to hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide. It has spread beyond the control of any government. The manufacturer is missing and is now running on its own.

Developers can upgrade and modify the Bitcoin network but this should be done in conjunction with the rest of the Bitcoin network. No one person can control Bitcoin. This is what makes Bitcoin so unique and impossible to replicate.

There are thousands of cryptocurrensets available now but as an example of what makes Bitcoin different I use Ethereum as an example. It is one of the largest Altos to date and has existed since its inception in 2015 by Vitalik Buterin.

Vitalik manages the Ethereum blockchain and has a final say on every development that takes place at Ethereum.

Investigating and Disrupting Government

In this example, suppose that Iran is sending billions of dollars to North Korea to finance its new nuclear program. This is not a good thing but it should show you how safe your money is in Bitcoin!

Anyway .. first example. Iran is using the appropriate bank and transferring the currency to North Korea in USD. The US government says go minute, we should stop this activity and confiscate the money .. Easy. They do this as soon as the problems are gone.

The second example. The same thing is happening but this time Iran is using the Ethereum blockchain to send the money to North Korea. The US government is seeing what is happening. Calling happens.

“Find Vitalik Buterin Here HERE”

The US government “pressures” Vitalik and forces him to reinstate the blockchain and ban Iran’s activities. (Ethereum blockchain was restored long ago when hackers stole large sums of money).

The problem is solved. Unfortunately, Ethererum’s credibility will be compromised along with its cost.

Ethereum is just an example, but it is true of all the other add-ons.

Bitcoin Is Not Suspended

So the same thing happens again. Iran now uses Bitcoin as their payment method. The US government will see this and have no power to stop it.

No caller. No one can force it. Bitcoin cannot be monitored.

Any other foreign currency is made by someone or another company and is not always a failure. They’re still in the middle.

Another example is that the Vitalik family was taken captive. Bitcoin is more than that and that is why it is the safest currency in the world.

Learn How To Use Bitcoin

Everyone should have Bitcoin. It’s not dangerous though. If you are new to Bitcoin you need to learn as much as you can before making any money. Having Bitcoin comes with many answers. Learn how to use Bitcoin wisely.