ICO Indicator Reading and Unmistakable Emphasis on Blockchain Professionals and ICO Advisers


The figures could not be ignored. Most ICO tanks, and still have tanks, as soon as the tokens reach the crypto exchange, as soon as they make a noise with the ‘FOMO’ that is available at the conference are gone.

Many ICO regulators generally agree that what has happened in the past few months has resulted in ICOs losing value after a proliferation, while many buyers expect the promised ‘monthly’ empty, as soon as cryptocurrency exchanges.

What is not being discussed is the main reason we are witnessing this, and the fact that our public participants, including companies that most of us rely on to make a decision, must be making a mistake in choosing what the ICO is most expensive for, or have the best chance of climbing. the price once multiplied is gone.

While there are a number of reasons why one might justify this phenomenon, there is one fact that I think may be the cause of this more than other conflicting reasons: the calculation of ICO pronouns and the erroneous emphasis on ‘blockchain experts’, ‘ICO advisers’ or ‘technical whizkids’ for my erc20 tokens.

I always think that the need for blockchain professionals or ICO technical advisers exaggerates, or even confuses, if a project is judged based on this, unless the project is trying to create a new funding concept. For many ERC20 machines and copycat copiers, the most important thing is to have a Business Plan behind the label and against the supervisors and the reputation of the Group leaders.

As everyone involved should know, creating an ERC20 banner from Ethereum, or tokens similar to other cryptocurrensets, does not require expertise or requires an advanced blockchain advisor (as is the case with the new external program, the ERC20 Symbol can be done within 10 minutes with a completely talented newbie.

Therefore, technology should no longer be a major factor in tokens anymore). What needs to be a business plan; high level of business; The suitability of project managers is a way to advertise the business of a large company that is raising funds.

To be honest, as a Prosecutor and Business Advocate for over 30 years alone in a number of companies around the world, I can’t understand why people are looking for a Chinese or Chinese ‘Crypto Whiz’ or a ‘Crypto Advisor’ to find out the ICO’s strengths in reality. BETWEEN THE BUSINESS CONCEPT …

I’m sure this is one of the main reasons why many ICOs don’t have their own hype. In an age when there are more and more blogging, platform and freelancer programs, the undivided interest in blockchain content or the skills of promoters is particularly important. It’s like trying to appreciate a company’s successful success based on the ability of its partners to create a better page or program. The train has already left the station with more and more technology on websites like Guru; Upwork, freelancer and Fiverr.

People seem to be obsessed with the persuasion and qualifications of ICO promoters, especially ERC20 Ethereum researchers and then I wonder why a Russian, Chinese or Korean expert will not be able to complete the business after a fundraising campaign.

While many of our ICO companies seem to share a lot of different information at the hearing of a member of the group, how many crypto advisors, and the ICO’s most successful opportunities in their group, instead of just looking at business processes created by the money raised

If one realizes that more than 90% of the cryptos and ICOs out there are just tokens designed to increase the number of people making an idea, not just a brand because of that brand, then human emphasis will shift from professional angles to relevant work. not only business, but also corporate system.

As soon as we enter the trial period before making the decision to buy or store cryptocurrency, we will begin to appreciate the future prospects or the importance of our brands based on business ideas such as:

– The company’s Swot Analysis by the promoters

– Management skills and skills of team leaders

– The stability of the business concept beyond the creation of the brand

– Advertising strategy and company ideas to market those ideas

– Ability to bring out what is happening in the market

– Customers for the products and services that the company can create

– as well as the foundation demonstrating market stability

What many people have failed to realize is that the possibility of their tokens going up in price at the ICO depends not so much on the skills but on the positive things happening at the company that raises the money and the increased scrutiny of the company establishing its own trading system.

Obviously, buying cryptocurrency is not buying stocks, nor is it buying security for any company. We do find it, but tokens depend on how the shareholders contribute to the good news or bad reputation of the company. The only difference is that in the case of cryptos, the result is up to 100 cents.

As a result, when a company experiences special economic or business events, its exchange rate rises … and falls sharply when nothing good is happening. As a result, what the company will do and how it will do after the ICO should be of the utmost importance to anyone who does not want to see the importance of its Token come down and sit down forever.

Of course, most tokens can go down as soon as they switch to ICO, for those who want to make a quick profit, but if they come back to give you a number of benefits it always depends on I’ve already mentioned above. Once you purchase the sign, the cost of ‘crypto advisor’s and’ technical whizkids’ goes to zero compared to the probability of your signals per month.

Following this, I think a smart crypto buyer or Investor should not focus too much on the many crypto advisors the project has or how the team feels (unless the business run by the company is advanced) and focus more on the management, marketing and customer potential of the company which earns money through ICO.

Alternatively, provide more information on the business and management aspects of ICOs instead of technical tools that will not help you in the market when money is raised!