WoW Loot Cultivation – Two Spots Where You Can Strengthen The Most Important Rain


WoW loot farming is not the best way to make gold in this game. However, it is a 100% profit. The only thing you will be selling is your time.

While the best way to grow gold is to buy and resell items at Auction House for your own profit, you can make good money if you know where, what you can grow. As a result, there are two excellent WoW loot stands.

Underbog – Sanguine Hibiscus

Sanguine Hibiscus is an herb that does not require Herbalism to be selected. It can be found inside The Underbog in Zangarmarsh. These herbs are needed in 5 bags, to complete a search that gives a history with the Sporeggar team. Many players are popular with the band these days, so they can buy the Tiny Spore Bat that Sporeggar Quartermaster sells.

Now, Sanguine Hibiscus farming is not at all difficult. All you have to do is go to The Underbog and collect all the Sanguine Hibiscus notes that pass between the door and the bridge leading to the second boss. Then just go back to the entrance, exit, go back and repeat. You usually find about 20-25 Sanguine Hibiscus per trip. Groups of indoor plants and spore bats also drop these herbs and you can grind them if you wish.

5 hibiscus products sell for up to 100g sometimes. The average price of 5 is 50g though.

Shadowmoon Valley – The Doomwalker

The second WoW farmland is for farmers east of the Shadowmoon Valley. Doomwalker is in charge of the entrance to the Black Temple. Even with the most difficult team to defeat in the 80’s tank, it should not be a problem to be defeated by any of the 85 teams.

The most important skill for the boss is Crush Armor, a weapon that reduces and reduces 10% of your weapons per bag. The more piles you get, the less intimidating the boss will be. However, as I said, with 85 shapes, and a slight reduction, and pots, these bosses should not be difficult. However, to make sure you kill, Hunter, Death Knight or Paladin are the most displayed groups to plow.

Doomwalker drops a variety of epic BoE features that look great and players will buy to change the look of their equipment. Some products such as Ethereum Nexus-Reaver or Storm Talon sell for over 1000g.

The sucking part about the boss is that it stays in a cool place for 2-3 days. And if you don’t stay there, someone will kill you. I usually have my Hunter come in there and look at the place every morning.