Why Gold Is Insurance In Times Of Trouble


Gold has been a part of human history since the beginning of time. For centuries, from Pharaoh’s time to the reign of gold, gold has been associated with fame, power, wealth, and freedom. If you do not know more about this precious metal, reading this is a good place to start.

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So, why do I say that gold is insurance in times of trouble? Before we get into this topic I have your question; Have you ever had insurance? If not, I think you may have heard of insurance before and understood its meaning. If you do not, Investopedia, one of the leading online financial institutions, defines insurance as follows: tchinga against the risk of losing money. “Well, that was a way to help insurers, so that this could be understood and given the opportunity to those who can help them; insurance is just a promise to protect something in the event of a crisis. important to have, read my article “4 Pillars of Security: Things to Consider When You Are Insured”.
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That said, let me explain why gold is insurance in times of crisis.

At the time of writing our country is facing a global epidemic called Corona infection disease or COVID-19 DISEASES. It has stopped almost all daily activities that leave many North Americans, as well as the world, out of work and looking after themselves at home. As soon as I heard the news about the disease it was at the end of December 2019. At that time only one gold was about $ 1,515 USD. Then, just a few months after the virus spread worldwide, the price of gold rose to $ 1,700 USD in March 2020, and then, it dropped to about $ 1,650 USD by the time of writing. There is no question that gold dances are slow and short-term hikes, however, long-term hikes have been on the rise.
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I’ve always told clients that insurance is something you get but I hope you won’t need it. In the same way, gold is always good because in times of crisis people who have gold have the opportunity to choose some of their gold items in order to earn money. And that is why gold is insurance not only in times of crisis, but also over time.
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Let me explain what I mean by using an example based on inflation. Using a US accounting machine I realized that that would have cost $ 288.50 in 2000, today it would cost $ 433.38 which would lead to a 50.2% decline. This means that your money LOST more than 50% of your purchasing power because now you need MORE of your dollars to buy the same!
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Also, earlier that year on January 3, 2000, one gold medal worth $ 288.50 however, on the first day of trading this year (January 6, 2020), the same gold was worth $ 1,558.00! * If you were to know the power of this metal and just stop it “288.50 $ 288.50 for one gold in these 20 years, your wealth would have grown by 440.03%! YOU KNOW the numbers you don’t need to be a mathematician to prove that a 440.03% growth is better than a 50.2% loss.
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So, if you could choose a savings car, which one would you prefer: money or gold? The truth is: when you save gold you protect your future purchasing power but when you save money, your purchasing power just goes out and you fight the battle against inflation.
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If you have not been saving gold here make sure you don’t start too soon and everything is not lost. The good news is, you know. And you may have heard beforehand that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.
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I believe that the use of knowledge is power because, if you know something but do nothing, what do I just know? If you want to start using what you know see more of MY report, “The Truth About Money – 3 Fast Things You Won’t Know!” and let’s continue your journey of knowledge and practice. To find out now, Click here!
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