Emergency plan for Bikini ass


Victoria, I’m going on summer vacation with my husband in two weeks and I need help to get married ** in a swimsuit without wearing one of those old ladies like my grandmother. You know here with a built-in skirt. Help Victoria! What can I do?

– J. McMurphy

Hi Mrs. J.

Surely you know how to challenge me, right? First of all … whatever you do, make sure your husband doesn’t see you in a “skirt swimsuit”. There is only so much that Viagra can make a girlfriend!

Secondly … I have some great tips on how to look representative of your “exit muscles” (the last people see when you leave the room). If you’re really strict, you can look so good, your husband won’t want you to leave the room at all on this year’s vacation!

A few years ago, I had to prepare for a swimsuit photo shoot at the exclusive Beverly Hills Celebrity LeMontrose Hotel. I wasn’t happy with my “rear view”, so I put together this emergency bikini ass. It worked beautifully. After working out my plan, my legs were more defined, my ass was tighter and, say, tall and raised. I felt great taking pictures. My results were confirmed when a rapper (the name was detained), who did not need a tan, kept coming out of the pool and accidentally dropped his D&G sunglasses every other minute. I think I must have looked great. When he pretended to get his D&G back, he was looking at my “assets.”

All right, Mrs. J., pull out the highlighter, print this page, and highlight the tips you’ll follow closely, even when you’re on vacation. That is right. The last thing you want to do is look great the first day, then go to a “I’m on vacation” binge fest and inhale like those cute little golden fish snacks.

1. Prepare mentally and spiritually. Center. Prayers, affirmations and meditations are great ways to relax and prepare your vacation and a fun and exciting challenge.

2. Start drinking at least 10 cups of water a day. For the last 3-4 days I have been adding a cup of herbal diuretic tea daily. On the days when I drink tea, I split the water in half.

3. Do sixty minutes of low-intensity cardio every day. You will want to do this at least two weeks before the holiday, or as much time as you have before leaving. If you need it, you can split it into two sessions, but one long session is optimal. My Swimsuit Shape Up collection is a great way to get cardio every day. Don’t try, we are going on vacation here!

4. Carve and tint every other day of light body exercises with light weights with special emphasis on contours, lunges, floor – lifting legs and donkey kicks. 3 sets of 25 repetitions per side of each exercise. Also do your abdominal muscles every other day. Find out your three favorite abdominal exercises and take a look at last week’s abdominal cavity tips and apply them.

5. Do not eat after 19:00. That means NIC at 19:00. Water or tea, but no calories. That’s the big key!

6. Eat a clean stay away from salt, sugar, desserts, ice cream and dairy products. My program for fast fat burning is the perfect way to eat for optimal health and fitness. If you don’t have it yet, pick it up today!

7. Increase foods with a low glycemic index that help lose weight, such as cabbage, onions, broccoli, boiled tomatoes, beans, wheat, and certain fruits.

8. AVAILABLE ALL HIGH Glycemic foods. I have an extensive list in my Quick Start Fat Loss program. Do not eat these foods. They could turn to fat faster than butter.

9. Eat 4-5 meals a day a little smaller than my normal servings. Go for spices easily. For the last three days, during the diuretic phase, skip any high-salt foods, spices, and drink distilled water.

10. Finally, use a series of herbal baths to smooth and tighten the skin around the legs, hips and buns. Take 2-3 baths per week for 30 minutes. You will need downtime with all those cardio and sculpture! In addition to working on the remaining areas of cellulite, baths will help you detoxify your skin and improve overall skin.

Okay, girlfriend, you have some great tips on how you can be ** prepared to discover the revealing beach. You can do it. If you start today, you can lose up to an inch or more in your hips and thighs for this amazing vacation. Have a great time and send me a few photos!

God bless and make it the best of the week!




Crooners – Past meets modern Crooners


Dim the lights, close your eyes, and welcome the style of music that many thought was gone forever.

The soft sentimental sound of humming begins to repeat itself. A new generation of traditional coroners revives old standards from the Great American Song. Harry Connick Jr. and Michael Buble are two notable modern coroners who sell concert venues and complete music charts.

Initial days of coronation

Crooner’s singing style was introduced in America in the 1920s, but really gained momentum in the 1930s and 1940s. In the 1960s, this style of music drastically declined in popularity. Some of the coroner’s icons managed to maintain a sequel to the 60’s and early 70’s, but their older audience loyal fans. Cult names like Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Nat King Cole have passed on to everyone, but thanks to a new crop of coroners, their music is still alive.

Harry Connick Jr.

Harry Connick Jr., born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1967, showed talent at a very early age. Little miracles for young children were designed to greatness; he played keyboards at the age of three, and at the age of ten Harry performed Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 3 Opus 37 with the New Orleans Symphony Orchestra. Connick, a renowned instrumental and vocal musician, has released more than 20 albums and won more American jazz albums than any other artist in the history of jazz charts.

Cementing his modern day Crooner status came after the release of hits such as It must have been you and But not for me from 1989, when the Harry Met Sally soundtrack. A new generation of adoring fans greatly welcomed Harry Connick Jr., as well as the traditional soft sounds of shameful style. Interestingly, Connick followed in the footsteps of his coroner’s predecessors in adopting the big screen and having great success as a leading man in film and television.

Michael Buble

He was born in Canada in 1975, and the vocal talent of this heartfelt heart caught the attention of his parents when they heard him sing White Christmas at the age of thirteen. Michael Bublé sang in nightclubs at the age of sixteen. After winning the Canadian Young Talent Competition, a glowing stellar moment came for the young artist. Bublé signed with the agent and accepted all available concerts. From cruise ships to hotel lounges, Michael was determined to get in front of people.

As with former coroner counterparts, Bublé landed in television and film roles as a way to gain exposure to the world of show business. The turning point came in 2000, when Bublé decided to change gears and pursue a career in journalism, but an unplanned series of events led to the introduction of David Foster, who won a Grammy Award. Foster agreed to create an album for the budding artist and the rest is music history.

Finding great success with unforgettable standards such as For once in my life and Come fly with meBublé also has originals with a chart. Bublé hit gold with his hit single Homewho surpassed the charts of pop and country music. Compared to the vocal style of the late Frank Sinatra, Bublé gives the new generation a taste of true coroner technique.

It’s not passing on a fantasy

The pinnacle of coronation could see its peak in the mid-twentieth century, but some brilliantly talented young artists refuse to let the musical style die out. Today’s crocodiles, who are getting rid of and reviving the standards of great American songs and offering original songs, are introducing a subtly sentimental musical style to a whole new generation.



Ways Belize – In and Out


Belize is the only English-speaking British country in Central America. Cocooned between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize opens its heart to the Caribbean Sea. Close to the United States and Canada, it only takes you a few hours to fly. Enjoy activities such as hiking, horseback riding, bird watching, caves, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, tubing, diving and fishing in Belize at affordable prices.

Or simply relax with the sun, water and silence.

Preliminary checks

A valid passport is required with proof of return for at least 6 months after the date of departure. Citizens of the United States, the British Commonwealth, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Uruguay and Canada may be visa-free. Others should apply for a visa at their local consulate or Belizean embassy. For tourists, a stay of 30 days is usually provided. One can go to the city of Belize and request an extension of stay by six months by paying a small fee.

Airways to Belize

If you want to bring your own plane, you must enter Belize via Philip Goldson International Airport in Belize City. Be sure to obtain permission from the Chief Civil Aviation Officer 48 hours prior to your arrival. The documents must be checked and the normal flight plan must be submitted together with the required fee. In addition to its own aircraft, it operates regular airlines American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Taca and Aeromexico. The journey from Miami, Florida, Houston, Texas or New Orleans, Louisiana takes only a few hours.

Travel and travel documents must be available for passage through the customs authorities. In addition to personal belongings, only 200 cigarettes or ry pounds of tobacco products, 20 ounces of alcohol and a bottle of personal perfume are allowed.

Waterways: Swim your way

A sea trip can be adventurous and perfectly enjoyable. The Caribbean Sea is beautiful and the trip can add a pleasant part of your trip to Belize. However, ships must clear customs and drive to Belize City, Dangripa, Punta Gorda, Big Creek or San Pedro on Ambergris Caye.

Arrival by country: Continue

Choose this path if you are willing to enjoy the rough and difficult. Rough roads will take nearly three to six days from Texas through Mexico. Be sure to take your driver’s license or permit along with your vehicle registration certificates. You will need a temporary import permit for the vehicle to cross the Mexican border, which Belize customs officials would do very well. Do not speed up and keep to the right side of the road.

Liability insurance or liability insurance is also required. If you also do not have an international driver’s license, you will need a temporary driver’s license, which can be obtained from a chief licensing officer in Belize City. You could even bring your own caravan, but overnight parking in public places is not allowed.

Move around

You can also rent a car or golf cart in Belize City, for which a valid driver’s license is required. Having a car is a great way to experience Belize.

Belize is only 68 miles wide and 180 miles long, so fill your gas tanks and don’t forget to pick up hitchhikers or ride overnight. Bus services are also available around Belize. Novello’s, Z-Line, Betty’s and Venus will take you to all the major cities.

Room and board costs

If you’re traveling on a budget, you can spend a vacation on the mainland of Belize for just $ 40 a day, while the transportation will be extra. Rooms and meals in luxury cottages and good hotels range from $ 100 to $ 150 per day. Equipped group adventure trips in luxury all-inclusive cabins range from $ 100 to $ 150 per day. Bookings are always a good idea and don’t forget to ask for group discounts.


There are several commercial banks in Belize City. Atlantic Bank Limited, Alliance Bank, Nova Nova Scotia, Barclay’s Bank PLC and Belize Bank Limited will be happy to assist you if necessary.

Credit cards and travelers checks

Most hotels, restaurants and shops accept all major credit cards. Small sellers and warehousekeepers in rural areas can only accept cash or travelers checks. All major credit card companies can be contacted at any commercial banks in Belize City.

Exchange rate

The local currency is the Belize Dollar. One US dollar equals two Belize dollars. However, US dollars are also accepted throughout the country.

For so long – for now

It may be difficult to say goodbye to Belize, but comforting yourself soon to be back can help. Days of Sun, Water and Peace will always be there for you whenever you want or you want to buy a Belize dream vacation from one of Belize’s most respected communities.

Obligations upon departure

When leaving Belize, a tax of USD 20 is charged and is payable in cash only. However, this does not apply if you leave Belize within 24 hours. There is a $ 0.75 security fee when entering Belize by plane and on the next flight in Belize. There is a $ 5 visa fee when entering Guatemala (for a site tour) across the western border; and a $ 3.50 departure tax is charged when Belize is left on this west side.

This charge is deductible at the airport from the USD 20 departure tax when you leave Belize.

Remember, however, that Belize is always willing and always inviting.

So long now!



Antique bookbinding


Edgar, Oscar and Elizabeth Little

How many people date a new era of their lives by reading a book. ~ Henry David Thoreau, Walden

For me, it was not reading, but accepting a book that marked a new era in my life. In the summer of 2000, a boy I had just met while studying in Paris returned from a weekend excursion to London with a gift for me. This gift required no special occasion; it was intended only as a thoughtful token. From a wrinkled paper bag that served as a gift wrap, I pulled out an old edition of Edgar Allan Poe’s work.

The sight of my face must have been a real mess, because even though he had only known me for ten days, he had chosen the perfect gift. Antique books? Check. Favorite author? Check. French connection? Check. (The book’s preface was written by Chateaubriand.) In one of our few conversations so far, I had to mention my hopeful old collection of books, perhaps as we walked through a bookstore in the Latin Quarter of Paris. Armed with this cleaning, he took the time during an otherwise wild and crazy London weekend to find me a book, and in the first few seconds of holding the book in my hand, I realized that a new era had begun in my life. I’d rather wait for the boy.

Fast forward a few years. The boy from Paris and I got married for a few years when I returned to our house, and immediately noticed that our dog was not in a hurry to the door to welcome me back. We recently adopted an Oscar from a local animal shelter, or “juvie,” as my husband calls it, and although he was an adult at the time, he was still at the end of his puppy. In other words, he chewed everything he could get his teeth on. See where I’m going with this? I knew right away that Oscar was useless, and I heard his fingernails clicking on the wooden floors in the guest bedroom.

Here is the part where I tell you that my old collection of books lived in the guest bedroom. When I finally gathered the courage to look, what I saw could be most accurately described as a ticket show. It was as if the Tasmanian Devil and Cookie Monster were spinning through a room, smashing, tearing, tearing, and sintering along the way. Oscar was ruthless. Eight-dollar pillows lay unscathed on the bed as stains of antique books dragged across Paris from the ocean floated like snowflakes. Voltaire, Proust, Racine-away, away, away. Although I gained equal access to newer books with less sentimental value, he decided to submit his most valuable books to his pointed tops. Out of kindness, luck, or time constraints, Oscar did not beautify my precious book about Poe, even though his spine tore at her and relaxed. Doggie’s discipline was the last thing on my mind as I collapsed in tears on the confetti-covered floor. Oscar slipped out of the room with a vision of a juvie in his head, his tail between his legs.

Now fast forward for several years. The fragile books that escaped complete destruction at Oscar’s paws are in the back seat of my car, and we’re going to meet Elizabeth Little in New Iberia. Elizabeth owns Bayou Bindery, a company I learned about during the Louisiana Book Festival in October. With my mouth agape, I looked at the photos before and after the ones exhibited at the festival, because I honestly didn’t know that my torn books could be recovered. Those dramatic photos – I think Extreme Book Makeover – made me a believer, and a few weeks later I was at LA 31, damaged books in tow.

Bayou Bindery is housed in a lovely cottage in the central district of New Iberia, and when I arrived, the front door was wide open to allow even more natural light inside. Elizabeth causes her bibliographic wonders to take place in a tidy and charming workspace that contains photographs and reminders of friends and family, a beautiful chandelier and avian decorative touches. And even though the cottage is not the place where Elizabeth lives, you feel at home. After completing these welcome elements, the book prints in the corner, the sewing frame on the floor and scalpels, and other hand tools on the wall remind you of the subject of business.

After a quick glance at my damaged goods, Elizabeth asks, “Do you have a dog?” She must have seen these cruel bites before. I tell her the story of the Oscar, including Poe’s book and the meaning it has for me and my husband. We decided she was the first to go under the knife, especially when she told me that her mentor (more on her later) had just restored the Poe’s family’s Bible for an exhibition at a library in Virginia.

Although at this point I feel that my book Poe should have been restored in Bayou Bindery, he feels my basic hesitation. Elizabeth gently asks me what she asks all her nervous clients, who are connected to the “original” state of the damaged books: “Do you just want to look at the book? Or do you want to be able to actually read it and pass it on to your children? “She was absolutely right, plus a renewed book would be the perfect Christmas present for my husband. (Although not a surprise.)

And the magic of Elizabeth’s work is that the restored book is not a shiny, soulless and unrecognizable edition. It’s your fascinating old figure book, just stronger. It can reverse the damage caused by aging books inside a book, or it can do more cosmetic work than in the case of an attack on a dog. “I like to work with my hands,” she told me, and it’s all my hand to deftly disassemble a damaged book so she can assess and fix the underlying problems.

Remove the covers and spine to reveal the defective lining or glue or damaged threads that hold the pages together. Elizabeth explains that deteriorating books are often the result of lining that was too sour, and occasionally come across old music notes or newspapers like book coverings. It whips wheat paste, which not only removes the old lining, but also serves as an adhesive for the new Japanese acid-free tissue lining. If sewing the pages back together is required, Elizabeth manipulates her linen thread and needle with the device. Years of sewing clothes for her children have paid off.

I was like a three-year-old and asked, “What’s he doing?” For almost everything my eyes fell on the binder. Elizabeth spent the day patiently explaining how to repair torn pages (using different weights and shades of oriental tissues), missing leather wrappers with pieces in the shape of a dog’s mouth (a process that involves shaving and tapering a new piece of leather to fit the width of an old one), or worn hinges. (wax pastels or watercolors are used to paint the original). Her extensive knowledge and collection of tools led me to assume that she studied craft at the university level and has been a practical craft craftsman ever since, so I was amazed to find out that she only started bookbinding about ten years ago.

On the way to visit her sister in Virginia, a bookbinder aroused her curiosity, and soon after, Elizabeth worked one-on-one with a binder that was to become her mentor. In Winchester, Virginia, Jill calls the Deiss-of-Cat Tail Run Hand Bookbinding and speaks about it with obvious respect and admiration. “I feel like I’m learning the right way.” Although the formal apprenticeship is over, he continues to consult and learn from Deissa. Only this year she took part in two Master Series courses at Cat Tail Run. She learned more about paper repair last spring, and in October she was there to learn about tools for making gold leaves. (I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but someone close to Elizabeth will unpack a Christmas book with beautiful details of the golden leaves at Christmas. He’ll use his new skills quickly!)

So she never intended to be an expert; she had just found a new interest and was running with him. Elizabeth’s friend once told her: “Some people come across new projects and just stand there on the edge and look down into the hole. And although she never expected to be a bookbinder, she is not shocked. “I’m very task-oriented. I’m a project man.” Her other “projects” include a nursing career (after many years as a nurse now volunteering one day a week at a clinic in Lafayette) and an educational garden at a local primary school. It embarrassingly describes a recent school visit, where she made a pesto with the students because of the thriving basil, “and they loved it! It just proves that if they grow it, they will eat it, or at least give it a chance. “

We laughed at her work in high school, where she worked in the basement repair department in the city library. Her instructions were, “All you have to do is slap a tape and put it back in circulation.” Even then, she never thought she would go to repair books. And although she is a passionate reader, she does not have her own collection of books. She told me, “Books talk to you at different times in your life. I enjoy the books that come to me, and then I pass them on. “

With a steady stream of interesting books going through weaving, I don’t think he really has to collect it. She recently worked at Roosevelt Rough riders, in the collection of the McIlhenny family. (John Avery McIlhenny left Tabasco to join Roosevelt’s cavalry regiment in 1898.) The Thoreaus Company in California sent it A week on the Concord and Merrimack rivers for return. He especially enjoys reviving the family Bible, the nineteenth-century French prayer books sent by the locals, or the yearbooks of the Second World War battalion, which seem to come into custody in the waves.

As we walked through the city after lunch, a new project came to her. We slipped into the soon-to-be Bayou Teche Museum to sneak in when the director said to Elizabeth, “I was hoping you’d stop. I have something I want you to see. ”As she left the museum with a huge and dusty old guest book from the Frederic Hotel for restoration, I thought,“ Every city should have a tie. ”When she was excited as a child at Christmas morning, Elizabeth opened the book as soon as we returned to custody and read the names of past guests of the historic hotel.

People always ask her, “What is the value of this book? How much does it cost? ”But Elizabeth is not so impressed with the monetary value, rarity, or first edition of the books. “It’s more interesting to me why people are so attached to them.” Many of her clients are older people who want to pass on their beloved book in good condition. “I feel a legacy working on these projects.”

Elizabeth Little and her Bayou Bindery will now be among the main players in the story told when we pass on our Poe book to the next generation. Garrison Keillor once said, “A book is a gift you can open again and again.” And while that wasn’t entirely true to the amazingly fragile book I received in Paris, it’s certainly the reason for this renewed Christmas gift.



Romantic summer vacation 2009


Summer is a short but wonderful season, often spent with family and friends who enjoy endless festivals, food and holidays. The summer season is also an ideal time for a romantic walk on the beach at sunset during a hot summer holiday evening. Take advantage of these long summer days to explore our list of beautiful beaches and vacation spots located in the United States. This summer, find your special beach destination, set the sun and play on the pristine sandy beaches, while creating summer memories that last a lifetime.

Maine is one of the most popular romantic summer vacation destinations for a variety of reasons. Beautiful, mild weather and a rocky coastline with soaring granite cliffs provide summer travelers with unforgettable views for over a hundred years. Maine’s favorite summer destination is Bar Harbor, located in the Acadia National Park area, providing beautiful white, sandy beaches and refreshing cold waters that you can enjoy and help you relax. The scenic coastal towns of Portland and Ogunquit are also in this summer holiday area along Route 1A on the south coast of Maine. Both offer smaller beaches, but are known for their quiet romantic coastlines. Tired of the beach? How about a trip to the central coast of Maine to Southwest Harbor, where vacationers will find amazing boutiques, galleries, restaurants and bed and breakfast unlike previous experiences. And of course, no Maine summer vacation would be complete without sampling some local fairs, including freshly caught lobster, silent puppies, potato-headed potatoes, and my personal favorite, New England pillows.

Another hot spot for summer vacations is the south coast of New Jersey with more than 140 miles of pristine beaches, renowned restaurants and celebrated summer festivals and events. This area contains 7 of the 10 best beaches in New Jersey, including No. 1 Beach, located in Ocean City. Known as the largest family resort in America, it is a fantastic venue for family reunions, group retreats and of course beach weddings. The 2.5 m long wooden walkway is equipped with great restaurants and a shopping center in the center for adults and two amusement parks, go-kart rentals and a water park for children. Don’t forget the many miniature golf courses that are enjoyable for the whole family! Ocean City in NJ is truly fun for all ages. And no trip to the south coast of New Jersey would be complete without a visit to the historic Victorian town of Cape May. Cape May offers a variety of summer activities, including listening to surfing on the waterfront, the thrill and thrill of walking along the promenade, climbing to the top of one of Cape May’s many famous lighthouses and enjoying soaring views and finally staying at a romantic Victorian bed and breakfast on Coast. The New Jersey Southern Shore offers a wide variety of activities to ensure that your summer vacation is memorable.

The Florida Keys, including the neighboring barrier islands, have long been a popular destination for summer vacationers. Key West offers soft white sand beaches surrounding its picturesque perimeter and is known for its outdoor activities, including world-class fishing, diving, water sports and golf. After watching the unrivaled sunset on Key West, enjoy plenty of nightlife activities, including live entertainment for the city’s many musicians and street performers. Treat your floor to an island specialty and dine at a local sidewalk café or gourmet restaurant, and enjoy a nightcap at one of the many legendary open-air pubs and bars. Accommodation in Key West is as diverse as the island itself, including top resorts with traditional shells after a comfortable bed and breakfast. In a city of fascinating contrasts and inspiring diversity, it’s easy to imagine giving up your worries about the mainland and spending your summer vacation in beautiful Key West, Florida. I have personally visited Key West several times, soaked in memorable places within a 4 hour drive from Key Largo to Key West and I would highly recommend a trip along the scenic USA 1 to any vacationer looking for an unforgettable beach holiday this summer.

Neighborhood to some of the best beaches in the United States, the Texas Southern Southern Gulf Coast area attracts millions of visitors each year, especially during the summer holidays. With more than 350 miles of coastline stretching in a slight arc from southern Padre Island north to the Louisiana border, this Texas course is known for its natural beauty and wildlife diversity. The family line of grass and swamps provide the ideal ecosystem to support the rich marine life and winter nests of migratory birds. Explore the historic Galveston and Crystal Beach beach communities along the North Gulf Coast. Galveston offers 32 miles of beautiful, soft sandy beaches, top restaurants and live entertainment, and one of the largest and well-preserved concentrations of Victorian architecture in the country. Another popular summer destination in the Gulf of Texas area is Corpus Christi, which offers vacationers a rich mix of culture in the relaxed atmosphere of a historic coastal port. On the way to Corpus Christi you can expect a soothing sea breeze, endless blue skies and beautiful turquoise waters. While on holiday in Corpus Christi, visit the seafront promenade, the arts and museum district, waterfront restaurants and entertaining nightlife. South Padre Island is located on the tropical tip of Texas bordering Mexico. It is known as one of the best holiday destinations in the country offering beautiful beaches, high sand dunes and warm waters of the Persian Gulf. Contrary to popular belief, South Padre Island is one of the mildest places in Texas during the summer season, with the sea breeze in the Persian Gulf keeping temperatures mild in the high 80’s to the low 90’s. Some activities you should explore during your vacation at this top-rated Texas beach include saltwater fishing, fresh fish and seafood dining at local island restaurants, and staying in historic bed and breakfast or hotel accommodations. When visiting the Texas Gulf Coast this summer, there is definitely something for all travelers.

Located along the Pacific Ocean halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, the central California coast stretches thousands of miles from Santa Barbara to Monterey. The region is widely known for its romantic, white sandy beaches and rocky lined views of the coast, wonderful tours of wine country and craft villages. Holidaymakers can choose from picturesque, historic bed and breakfasts and picturesque cottages by the sea. During beautiful sun-filled days, discover surfing, water skiing, golf, hiking, cycling, horse riding, bird watching, farmers markets and film festivals. If you are looking for beautiful blue skies, shopping, dining, endless activities, unforgettable experiences and a harbor complemented by a beautiful beach, visit Santa Barbara, located at the southern end of the central California coast. Located near the northern tip of the Gulf of Monterey, 74 km south of San Francisco, lies the main beach town of Santa Cruz. Many attractions await you, from the award-winning promenades and majestic Redwood Forests, art and cultural events and award-winning restaurants. A charming blend of history and natural beauty awaits you, ensuring that your summer vacation on California’s central coastline is unforgettable and enjoyable.

The Bed and Breakfast proposes the above summer holiday destinations based on personal experience and other valuable inputs for travelers. The sites were chosen because of the overall entertainment options, the quality and popularity of the beach, the number of days filled with the sun, the softness of the sand, the water temperature and the possibilities for eating and shopping.



New Orleans Jazz – News and Opinions – Elmer ‘Coo Coo’ Talbert


Elmer Talbert “Coo Coo”

Born New Orleans August 8, 1900 – Died New Orleans December 13, 1950.

This is followed by a very short continuation of Elmer Talbert’s career thanks to the film “New Orleans Jazz – family album by Dr. Edmond Souchon and Al Rose (Louisiana University Press)

In 1929 he was with the Arnold Depass Dance Orchestra. He taught from Kid Rena and sometimes collaborated with Rena’s Bass Band and Paul Barnes. He was, like many other musicians in New Orleans, a part-time musician, earning his living by working in the laundry. He suffered a stroke in 1947, but recovered well.

Between 1947 and his untimely death from another blow in the late 1950s, he made several notable recordings with the George Lewis Band. On November 23, 1949, a jazz fan of Herb Otto was held at 1111 Bourbon St. There was a complete band by George Lewis, where other musicians and jazz enthusiasts were present. Herb Otto and his friend Bob Greenwood both had recording machines and most of the music was recorded. You can hear the result on the American Music Label AMCD 74 “The George Lewis Band at Herb Otto’s party 1949”. Not loyalty, but the music shines through, it’s very hot and our first chance to hear “Coo Coo” by Elmer Talbert.

In May 1950, Dr. Edmond Souchon arranged the recording of the George Lewis Band on behalf of the New Orleans Jazz Club. The understanding was that if Dr. Souchon could sell the record, George and the band would get the money. The recording took place at Filiberto’s Music Store on Barracks Street. A hot and stuffy day in New Orleans; Cold water, soda, beer and good stuff were available with lots of ice. Bandleader George had strict control over the drinks, and the resulting music is probably one of the great classical jazz sessions of any style. It’s up to you to listen to “George Lewis Jam Session” on AMCD 104. The whole band is fantastic, of course, but Elmer Talbert’s trumpet and his amazing vocals on “2.19 Blues” and “Pallet On The Floor” are Desert Island Discs for me!

It was not until a few weeks later on June 5, 1950, that the band George Lewis, with the label “Coo Coo”, created four songs for the “Good Time Jazz” label on the trumpet. It was recorded in New Orleans and under the supervision of Jack Lewerke. In my opinion, this is the best sound quality and balance of the band George Lewis. I assume there is a degree of personal bias here because this version of “Burgundy Street Blues” took place at my wedding to Diana Clark at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in New Orleans. The CD is on Good Time Jazz L12005. GTCD 12005-2.

Finally, an aerial photograph of the George Lewis Band with Elmer Talbert was shot on the JCCD 3054 jazz crusades. It was the Dixieland Clambake program in New Orleans in September and October 1950. Some great George Lewis and Jim Robinson here and unfortunately our last chance to hear Elmer on the trumpet.



I left my heart in Chattanooga


After living there for three short but sweet years, I learned that Chattanooga, or Chattie, as I affectionately call it, is a fantastic place to live and visit.

Where to start? For history buffs, there are countless monuments in the area, reminiscent of events that changed the course of American history, from the trail of tears to the battles of the Civil War in Chattanooga and the surrounding area. For families with small children in tow, there is the magnificent Tennessee Aquarium, the Creative Discovery Museum, Coolidge Park with its beautiful fountain and antique carousel, and Ruby Falls, an underground waterfall that leads through narrow cave tours and passages. For outdoor enthusiasts, there is the promise of a place often called “Boulder, Colorado of the East”; mountaineering, fly fishing, cycling, hang gliding, hiking, rafting and much more await adventure.

Here is an itinerary for a three-day getaway to Chattanooga. It is an activity guide that has been tested by many visits from our family and friends and includes our favorite places that we try to revisit on our way back. Three days in Chattanooga will fill up quickly, so you should know that there are at least five other alternative attractions or activities in each subsequent place. This itinerary also assumes that you woke up one day in Chattanooga. I recommend you wake up at the Bluff View Inn, located in the popular Bluff View Arts District.

Bluff View Inn is perched overlooking the Tennessee River, which flows down through downtown Chattanooga. Within a minute walk of the inn (and this is not an exaggeration) is the Hunter Museum of American Art, Houston Museum of Decorative Arts, sculpture garden, bocce ball court, art gallery, three restaurants, a thirteen mile nature trail that follows the river upstream Chickamauga and Walnut Bridge. Street Bridge, one of the longest pedestrian bridges in the world.

Another accommodation option that is relatively new to Chattanooga is the Delta Queen steamboat, which has come to life as a floating boutique hotel. Hotel guests and tourists can board the Queen of Coolidge Park and erase the brass maritime history of it all.

Day first: Signal mountain and north coast

Rembrandt’s Café in the Bluff View Arts District is a great base in Chattanooga, so you can explore this hot spot for breakfast during your first day in the scenic city. The locals love and visit this place just like tourists. Showcases are full of breakfast and desserts, chocolates, cakes and pies, while the menu includes paninis, soups and salads. You can’t do better for breakfast than an almond croissant. Take it outside and enjoy their wonderful sitting on the terrace.

Head to Signal Mountain, a 10-minute drive from downtown Chattanooga. Our visitors especially loved the “W” road, which ticked sharply and dug its way up the rocky side of the mountain – a vertical road, if I’ve ever been on one. Once you have reached the top, consider driving north along East Brow Road for beautiful homes on the left and breathtaking views of the valley below on the right. Then turn south on Highway 127 and head to the “old towers” area of ​​the signal point. The streets are lined with picturesque stone houses and magnificent farms, and you can still see traces of the tram that used to pass through this neighborhood. This area was developed at the turn of the twentieth century as an escape from diseases, especially cholera and yellow fever, in the valley below.

When you have enough cars and historic houses, head to the stop at Signal Point Park. From here you can look down on the lush and green gorge of the Tennessee River and forget about the civilization nearby. Park signage explains that Signal Point was part of a signaling system used first by Native Americans, then by Union troops during the Civil War. Depending on your energy level, you can go on a trip from the park at this time. The Cumberland Trail, part of the Great Eastern Trail, begins in this park and is an amazing walk through the woods on the mountainside.

There are several lunch options on Signal Mountain, but I would go back down from the mountain for lunch in the North Shore area. Two of our favorite places were the River Street Deli for amazing muffulets, Stromboli and Brooklyn accents; or Mercantino for an atmosphere you can’t beat. And once you park near an event on the North Shore (that would be Frazier Avenue), you can leave your car for hours.

After lunch, hit the boutiques and don’t forget to miss the Blue Skies, Plum Nelly and Sophie’s. It’s impossible to enter one of these three stores and leave it blank, so just give up. Treat yourself or a friend to vintage style, unique home and personal accessories, handmade jewelry, glass and ceramics. These three shops and many other businesses alongside Frazier – including the local bookstore, outdoor clothing and art galleries – are a glorious heaven.

When you need a break from shopping, pick up a delicacy from Clumpies Ice Cream and head to Coolidge Park, which overlooks the river. While playing in the fountain, you will be surrounded by people of all ages, throw Frisbees and soccer balls and relax inside the beautiful city greenery. While there, you can see if there are any games to catch during your stay – the Chattanooga Theater Center sits right on the edge of the park.

For dinner, Boathouse Rotisserie and Raw Bar are a great choice and the center is just a 5-minute drive away. They serve Louisiana oysters and other great seafood (wood-grilled tilapia is delicious) and, surprisingly, their Mexican dishes – especially quesadillas – are just as popular. If you have room for an appetizer, a Mexican shrimp cocktail will be unforgettable. Located directly on the Tennessee River, the boathouse has plenty of outdoor seating with water views.

Day two: Nature

A trip to Chattanooga without any outdoor adventure is a missed opportunity. It’s like going to New York without seeing the game – you missed a key element of local culture. Complement a hearty breakfast from the Bluegrass Grill on Main Street. This family restaurant packed people at 6:30 in the morning for omelettes and delicious hash variations. Load up carbs; you will need them today.

For peace and quiet, the excursion is an excursion with a guided fly, as well as a nice and easy swimming on the river Hiwassee in an inflatable kayak or raft. We also enjoyed walks along the extensive Chickamauga Battlefield trails, which are part of the country’s first national military park. There is a seven-mile car tour of the battlefield, but walking or cycling is the best way to experience the beauty and historical significance of this country. And the terrain here is relatively flat, which is a huge plus for those of us from height-demanding regions.

For the more adventurous, there is the above-mentioned Cumberland Trail on Signal Mountain or many other fun hiking trails on Lookout Mountain. We’ve never had a chance to go, but Cloudland Canyon State Park – just across the border in Georgia – is supposed to be amazingly beautiful in an area called “God’s Land.” The trails range from two to almost seven miles and there are a 600-step staircase for tourists as they set out for the bottom of the park abyss.

Bold outdoor enthusiasts will be happy to know that Chattanooga is considered the regional climbing capital and attracts mountain bikers from all over the world. Prentice Cooper State Forest is one of many options for both of these activities. Please, oh, please don’t try to climb rocks without a guide. On the water, the Ocoee River offers popular rafting on imminent death. Yes, I thought I was going to die on Upper Ocoee. Twice. But it’s fun if you’re in such a thing (the jury is still for me). Some of the more cute names for Ocoee’s Class IV + feathers are “Broken Nose”, “Diamond Splitter” and “Hell’s Hole”. Finally, those who are not interested in land or water activities can try to post a glide from Lookout Mountain. I couldn’t bring myself to be strapped into a celebrated dragon, but two friends from France did, and they said it was a chouette.

After a day in the great countryside, a shower and a satisfying dinner are fine. Since your body won’t want to get too far from your bed at the Bluff View Inn, walk around the corner to Tony’s for an Italian dinner. The atmosphere is one that makes you stay long after a meal, especially if you’re lucky enough to have a score on the second-floor terrace. Green salad with roasted tomato dressing and all pasta is reliably tasty.

Day three: Lookout Mountain, Southside and Downtown

Between the hotel and the lookout mountain lies Niedlov’s Breadworks, which has amazing cinnamon rolls, muffins, cakes – think of it, everything at Niedlov’s is good. Craftsmen “love kneading and kneading in love” and you can taste a passionate passion. Try it for breakfast this morning.

There are several roads that take you to the top of Lookout Mountain; Each one is scenic, so choose one to drive up and the other to drive down. Once there, take in the magnificent views and mansions, especially those along West Brow Road. (This exploration of Lookout Mountain sounds similar to the first day of the Signal Mountain itinerary; but if the Signal Mountain residential area is charming and accessible, Lookout Mountain is a caviar dream. Each mountain is worth a visit because it offers different traces of Chattanooga culture.)

Lookout’s Point Park – not to be confused with Signal Point Park – is a must as an easily accessible part of the Lookout Mountain Battlefield. A small museum just across the street will explain to the Lord of the Rings himself the sound of the “Battle of the Clouds” that took place on the mountain during the Civil War. Another treasure on the lookout tower is the Arboretum and Botanical Garden with reflection, which offers riding and hiking trails through lush meadows, flowers, forests, ponds and streams.

After a mountain morning, Mojo Burrito takes you to the foot of the scenic mountain in the beautiful historic district of St. Elmo brings back to Earth with tortillas wrapped around super fresh ingredients. The Southern Star located in the Southside neighborhood also keeps it real with true Southern home cooking. Don’t miss the dessert – banana pudding leaves you without a word.

When you are in the Southside neighborhood, there are four shops that are worth a visit. The revival is located inside the Row warehouse, and although I couldn’t afford much of this store, I just enjoyed being in the presence of its size. As in every luxury goods store, you will also find table accessories from Juliska and pewter from Match. However, what this shop ranks in its own league is a beautifully decorated collection of home textiles, from Italian white leather chairs from the 18th century to modern Belgian coffee tables. In Revival you will discover elements of home design that you never knew you wanted. Shadow Box Paperie on Main Street allows you to put a pen on paper and give up all forms of electronic communication. They also have other home accessories, all well presented. For antique lovers, Southside Antiques is an essential stop for beautiful corner cabinets, dining tables, antique books and armor. Finally, the Southside Gallery, like The Foyer in Baton Rouge, is a collection of vendors under one roof that sells gifts, accessories, art and antiques at many price points.

In the late afternoon, return to the inn to park your car and enjoy the amazing walking activities in downtown Chattanooga. Visit the sculpture garden and spend time over the river on one of the benches on the Walnut Street Bridge. The bridge was converted into a pedestrian in 1993 and like the Pont des Arts in Paris, people cannot get enough time for the bridge. They hang over the Tennessee River, practice, create art, gather for festivals, commute by bike, and yes, snuggle up like they’re in Paris.

Leave enough time before sunset to explore The Passage and Ross’s Landing Plaza, the Cherokee Nation and the Trail of Tears Memorial next to the Tennessee Aquarium. The Cherokee inhabited the area, which would become Ross’s first landing, then Chattanooga, until they were forced to the West by a trail of tears. Thousands died during this terrible journey. At this memorial you will find moving quotes from Cherokee and American leaders at the time of Aboriginal removal.

You may also have a morning at dinner last night in Chattanooga. St. John’s restaurant is as perfect a restaurant as I have ever experienced. Chef Daniel Lindley was nominated for the James Beard Award this year and last year, and you’ll know why after one meal at St. John’s. Its cuisine comes with the best ingredients, many of which are organic and local, and the menu is often changed to reflect the growing season. The current menu includes handmade quail tortellini, Kobe beef steak and melted chocolate cake. The service is dreamy, the apartment building is beautiful and everyone leaves happy.

And everyone leaves Chattanooga happy, even though I also kicked, screamed and cried the day my husband and I said goodbye to our home on North Chattanooga Hill. My husband says I’m projecting, but I swear our dog is missing Chattanooga. The move of family and old friends has brought us home to Louisiana, and of course we are glad to be home among them, but we will return to Chattanooga as often as we can for the rest of our lives. It’s such a place.



Strange smoking


As more and more states pass laws banning smoking in public, crush the hopes of cigar smokers with the ease of crushing used cigarettes, people everywhere are calling for a “foul” not to tell lawmakers to kiss ashes. The laws against an avid cigar smoker are extremely ridiculous.

But ridiculous laws are part of secular culture. From the law in Denver, which prohibits people from lending vacuum cleaners to other residences, to the law in Wyoming, which prohibits people from taking pictures of rabbits during the month of June, many rules and regulations simply don’t make sense. In Champaign, Illinois, there is even a law that forbids someone from peeing in the neighbor’s neighbor, which undoubtedly destroys the weekend plans of countless Midwestern citizens.

It was only a matter of time before this law spread to the tobacco industry. Recently, they have become brighter and have marked our world as a “no smoking” sign. Unusual smoking laws can be found almost anywhere, not just in one state or one country.

Australia: Australia has a law that prohibits children from buying cigars or cigarettes. This is not strange, as many countries have similar regulations. However, Australia excels because children, although they cannot buy tobacco, have a legal right to consume it. If an adult buys for them, Australian children are free to smoke a cigar in front of a police officer, parent, teacher or even a kangaroo.

New Orleans, Louisiana: In a city known for wine pleasure – home to everything from Mardi Gras to extravagant casinos – cigarette and cigarette smoking is a bit twisted. New Orleans has a law that prohibits anyone attending a carnival or parade from using tobacco products. In addition, the word “no smoking” must be visibly affixed to all floating passages, not that observers trying to obtain beads try to observe all spectators trying to obtain beads.

Zion, Illinois: When you think you’ve heard it all in terms of rules, there is a law in Zion that forbids owners from giving a lighted cigar to one of their pets. While the law specifically names dogs and cats, it certainly applies to all types of domestic animals: hamsters, gerbils and goldfish. None of these pets are allowed to smoke cigars, no matter how much they beg and beg.

France: Colonel Mustard, in the boiler room, with an ashtray. That’s right, an ashtray. In France, ashtrays are considered deadly weapons. Maybe it’s because people can use ashtrays to hit others, or maybe it’s because ashtrays are known to prey on unsuspecting victims, jump into the alleys, and blind them with a cloud of dust. But the most likely reason is that it is France. A nation that is considered passive, some people may think that French citizens are murdered from murder threatened Brady Bunch. We heard Marcia wrapped herself.

New Jersey: While it is common in many zoos to have the words “Do not feed animals” in many zoos, New Jersey takes the term a step further. Under a law that forbids people from giving cigars or whiskey to local animals at the zoo, the animals in this captivity are clearly not interested. However, since whiskey is the only liqueur that is specifically named, it leads him to wonder if chilled beer could be frowned on animals anyway. If not, the animals might occasionally smoke a cigar. You know, socially.

South Bend, Indiana: In connection with the animal kingdom theme, it is illegal in South Bend for a monkey to smoke a cigarette. The law dates back to 1924, when a monkey was found guilty of the crime of cigarette smoking and was forced to pay a $ 25 fine as well as legal costs. We are not sure what happened when the monkey, recently out of work, was unable to come up with the money. Maybe he was forbidden to participate none form of evolution.

Newport, Rhode Island: On the east coast, Newport has a law that forbids people from smoking a pipe after sunset. Sometimes it’s okay, but once the sun goes down, it’s one law that a passionate tobacco lover can’t put in a pipe and smoke.

Marceline, Missouri: In this city in Missouri, minors are allowed to buy rolling papers and tobacco, but are not allowed to buy lighters. If only, even if there was, there was a way to easily get matches, perhaps from a local restaurant or cafe. Maybe in a perfect world, the ability to find matches would appear.

Obviously, this world contains a large number of laws that are established for such reasons as refusing a million dollars or volunteering to stay on the Titanic. But a smoking cigar can be sure that the victim of this madness is not just their luxury. These types of laws are everywhere, from banning buzzing to pronouncing illegal driving in a domestic coat, these rules impose the word “terrible” in the word “legal.” And they ask one question whether more laws can be passed, such as a rule that replaces every cigarette with its superior: a cigar.



Criminal Defense – Do You Have An Alibi?


The alibi is simply proof that the accused could not have committed the crime, because when it happened, he was somewhere else. People who testify to the defendants’ whereabouts are called “alibi witnesses.” Defending an alibi is simply a refutation of a state case. It does not relieve the presumption of innocence or condemn the burden of proof on the defendant. Although a defendant is usually not required to disclose his or her defense or witnesses, there is an exception to defending an alibi in Louisiana. The Louisiana Criminal Code authorizes the district attorney to ask the defendant in writing to provide the defendant with a prosecution of the place where the crime was committed, along with the names and addresses of the witnesses he uses to establish the alibi. Once the alibi has been notified, the public prosecutor is required to provide the defense with the names and addresses of the witnesses he or she intends to use to place the accused at the scene and refute the alibi.

There are some subtle consequences to defending an alibi. First, in Louisiana, the state is not required to provide the defense with its list of witnesses. However, the rules governing the alibi require the state to identify the witnesses it will rely on to place the accused at the scene. Second, an alibi can humanize the defendant and could tell the jury that he is employed and / or actively involved in his family affairs if the job or attending a social gathering were presented as an alibi.

Defending the alibi is good to use in conjunction with the wrong defense of identity. Most jurors do not want to believe that a witness is lying when they identify your client as the person who committed the crime. However, jurors are open to the possibility that an honest and sincere witness could be confused. Properly presented defense alibi allows jurors to use this opportunity and free the client. We recently used an alibi defense to free a client who was accused of double-killing two LSU students on campus. As part of the defense, we were able to prove that the accused works in a hotel and left work at a time when it would be practically impossible for him to do things that state witnesses said they did in moments leading up to crime and get to the premises in time, to commit murder. In addition to this evidence of the alibi, we found that other known violent offenders who matched the accused’s physical description and used the same method of murder were once suspected and identified as potential suspects by law enforcement. The defense was successful and the jury acquitted the murder client.



New Orleans Jazz – News and Opinions – Kid Thomas


Kid Thomas Valentine – Trumpet – singing and a bag of tricks! Born Reserve Louisiana February 3, 1896. He died June 16, 1987 in New Orleans.

Let’s get history out of the way: Kid Thomas has been the band’s leader since 1922 and led bands throughout Louisiana, but has always been based in New Orleans.

I want to quote from “The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD” by Richard Cook and Brian Morton. Their brilliant words on this subject cannot be improved. “He embarked on this amazing career with Zen-like simplicity, reducing the sound of New Orleans to its essence and making it a lifelong work. Fascinating lead trumpeter – his method, including strict adherence to the melody, blunt strike and vibrato, which sounds like an angry trill, was able to create a high drama and lyrical depth. He seldom took solos, he was such a strong leading voice that he tended to control every group he played with. “

Kid Thomas has made the most amazing number of recordings and many of them are now available on CD! But first a warning: music and these musicians produce a sound that is like good wine or great coffee – it may take some time to get a taste: but if you do, like me, you will be addicted to life.

Try “Kid Thomas – George Lewis Ragtime Stompers” on GHB bcd-5 from 1961. a real classic. Try “The December Band” from 1965 on GHB BCD – 197 and BCD – 198. Then try “New Orleans, The Living Legends” by Kid Thomas and his Algiers Stompers on Riverside OCJCCD – 1833 -2 from 1961.

This is one of the few exceptional situations where I was very lucky to meet Kid Thomas in person and consider Albert Burbank and Emmanuel Paul to be very dear friends. In 1963-4, I traveled with Kid Thomas and Emmanuel Paul throughout U.K. on their tour with the Kid Martyn Ragtime Band. My payment for using my bus and driving many miles was a pleasure and yes, the honor of playing a session in Studio 51 at Ken Colyer Club with my Gothic Jazz Band and Kid Thomas and Emmanuel Paul. Much later, in Australia, it was a great pleasure to renew my friendship with them as they traveled in a package show – sharing the stage with Dizzy Gillespie. I always remember one of these non-jazz press reporters at Sydney Airport who asked Art Blakey how he felt playing a concert with these “primitive musicians”. Art said, “It’s a great honor for us to play on the same stage as these gentlemen. Let’s face it – we wouldn’t exist without them! They’re the creators.”

Kid Thomas Valentine was a mystery, although I spent many hours with him, his conversation was like playing his trumpet: staccato, brief and matter-of-fact. Only the melodic line was rarely said. Only one night in a hotel room in Melbourne, Australia with most of his band and some of the stars of the Sydney Jazz Club, myself included, he set off. He told us amazing stories about his earliest beginnings as a band leader in New Orleans and about the amazing eccentricities of those long-gone musicians at concerts. I wish I had a tape recorder, but fortunately we have a lot of his music on record again.

My first purchase was Riverside Kid Thomas and his Algiers Stompers, which I recommended earlier. Apart from the missing Emmanuel Paul, it was a band with a long history of playing together. Put on a Panama Rag, it’s warmer than a fiery furnace! Gulley House Blues can bring tears to your eyes! Sammy Penn is a real master drummer and I hope to write about him in a future article.

When the band disbanded with “Smile Darn You Smile” at St Pancras Town Hall, it was an ecstasy as well as a record, and although Alonzo Stewart was not Sammy Penn, the overall effect was electric and we knew we were in the presence of living legends.

Kid Thomas Valentine was an entertainer, his bag of tricks was always with him; slaps, maracas, tambourines, bonnets for the “Milk Cow Blues” and always the biggest New Orleans smile!

Quote: Penguin’s Guide to Jazz on Richard Cook’s CD Brian Morton (Penguin Press)