Duties of load control

The purpose of cargo control is to ensure a safe operation of each flight with respect to the weight and balance of the aircraft. We must ensure that dangerous goods and / or miscellaneous special cargoes are loaded in accordance with regulations. By loading the luggage correctly, we ensure that the luggage of the passengers […]

Why insure your family for a vacation?

When planning your annual family vacation, there are certain things to keep in mind, and the most important things to ensure your family is insured. It doesn't matter if you go skiing in the French Alps for a week or just head to the hills of Scotland for a weekend break, the best insurance plans […]

Buy a property in Santorini: get a better return on your investment

The islands of Santorini in Greece are the most desired holiday destination by Europeans. Its unique natural beauty attracts visitors to enjoy its golden moments and remember the route of their dreams in Santorini. Sunbathing on uniquely colored sandy beaches, fun sunsets, beautiful land writings, cheap hotels and restaurants, luxurious lifestyle, condemned blue churches, nightclubs […]

Air India – Maharaja of the Indian skies

Air India is the oldest and most popular airline in India. This airline is part of Air India Limited (AIL), owned by the Indian government. It is ranked number 16 among the main airlines in Asia. It remains the national airline of India with a global network of passenger and cargo services. Air India was […]