Some common misconceptions about business trips

Every time he meets a business traveler who walks through the airport, he comes up with many ideas. Let me start by warning you, many of these could be wrong.

Business travelers face many challenges. Always running against time, they constantly go from one airport to another, catching a flight to another. Lack of sleep, longer working hours than expected, and sometimes even skipping meals are what many travelers can tell about their trips. Naturally, it is not easy to cope with such a routine and only the most difficult survive.

Traveling faces many misconceptions. These are some of the best of these.

1. It's always about pleasures

Usually, every time you hear from business travelers, many people think that this trip is about pleasures. Of course, all you can think of at that time is a paid trip, a free air trip and all other expenses.

It is true that most companies pay the entire trip. However, it is much more than free meals and a stay in luxury hotels. A business travel person often has to sacrifice a lot of his free time to meet deadlines and fulfill tasks.

2. Travel in style

It is true that business travelers mostly have a charismatic personality and no matter how many days of insomnia they have lived, they have always traveled in style. But the definition of style for many is completely different. When you think of business travelers, you are automatically inclined to think that they should travel through the airline's luxury classes and stay in most real hotels.

The truth is that not many companies can afford this. Many business travelers commonly fly through economy class and stay at budget hotels.

3. Formal wear

You always want to get to a meeting with the best aspect. However, baggage restrictions can often make it difficult to bring your best suit to a foreign country for business meetings. It is a great relief that businessmen around the world understand this restriction.

So, the next time you're anxious to see a traveler, you don't always have to be in a suit to qualify as one. A pair of good-looking pants and a dress shirt would do an equally good job. A suit is no longer a qualification criteria for being a businessman.

4. A lot of work is done

Of course, the trip is planned to fulfill certain projects. However, this is not always the case. Business trips may not always be as successful as what the company has planned.

Sometimes, business trips mean that no work is actually done. However, that trip could open more paths to future successes. The trip may keep you very busy, but the company may not get the desired results.

Has the economy affected vacation travel?

As network marketing experts often say: "When the economy is good, a network marketing business is good, but when the economy is bad … a network marketing business is excellent!" And the proof is in the pudding! For example, take a look at the recent growth of online businesses today. With the emergence of web 2.0 (also known as social networks), the opportunities to establish contacts, learn, learn and invest online are endless. More than 79 million people per year review or join a family business opportunity in the network marketing industry.

What about the travel industry business? The Global Resorts Network (GRN), a five-year company that offers lifetime travel memberships through a parent company that has existed for 20 years, is now experiencing competition! Competition after leading for 5 years in a row without any company with a similar compensation plan or product? In such an economy, would people dare to BEGIN a new company? Of course! And what better adventure to enter than copy one that is already successful and that has experienced continuous growth and profits for 5 years in a row? Some would say it is an intelligent movement.

So Mor Vacations, who opened recently in August 2008, decided to copy the Global Resorts Network compensation plan and go for it! Now Global Resorts has competition. Well, copying a successful company, product or idea is not always the best way to succeed. It is not only because of its lucrative compensation plan that Global Resorts Network enjoys its success. It is located in a myriad of other high quality areas, such as its excellent customer service, availability of destinations and the loyalty of its members. Integrity and loyalty are hard to copy! But to be fair, competition is always good and healthy. It simply means that you are doing something right!

But what about the impact of the economy on travel? And is this travel business opportunity a potentially good option to earn money today? Well, this is what happened recently: the increase in gasoline prices has affected flights, food, interest rates and also the prices of resorts. Most people stay (thus helping the economy local). But what happens if you have in your hands a "lifetime travel membership" that sets the prices of those resorts regardless of the state of the economy? See, with the Global Resorts Network travel membership, a 7-day stay at any of its 4-5 star resorts ALWAYS ranges from $ 299 to $ 799 for the entire stay. The price does not change. Well, yes, it changes, sometimes Global Resorts members get special offers for less than $ 299. But that's a "good change" in the price, so we won't count that again for the economy!

So, yes, the travel industry has definitely suffered, perhaps not as badly as some other industries, but people are now opting for businesses that offer them fixed prices for travel and from which they can benefit financially simply by sharing that same opportunity to travel. Saving with others. What would you do if you had a lifetime travel membership and knew that you can go anywhere for less than $ 799? I bet that would make a difference in your vacation budget! And also, what would happen if sharing that membership meant a $ 1,000 check for you? I think it's worth taking a second look.

Eight reasons to increase backup spending when the economy slows

Eight reasons to increase backup spending when the economy slows

by Bud Stoddard, President and CEO, AmeriVault Corp.

To say that we have seen a significant recession in the economy in the last twelve months would be a hyperbole at its best. As executives and business and technology professionals, it is up to each of us to go through the necessary adjustment and reassessment of the budget every time the economic conditions and the stock market change in a southern direction.

There are obvious areas to which we turn first with the scalpel in hand, such as personnel, marketing, accounting, human resources, legal, perhaps even customer service and information technology (IT). It often seems like a logical choice because most of us have spent so much money on technology in recent years. Certainly, with IT investments that have increased by more than 15-20% in most companies in the recent past, this is an area that could work with a fiscal version of the Slim-Fast Program, at least until we leave of this economy upset. It's okay to buy less sophisticated laptops without all the conveniences, (I'm writing about my less elegant now on a Delta flight to Scottsdale, Arizona) to defer the web initiative or extend additional hiring for a few months, but I beg you, for the health and the future welfare of your company, accelerate or at least save your backup costs.

Let me give you my eight best reasons why you should increase your support budget during these slow economic times. Hopefully, if I succeed, some of you will absorb and advocate within your company, spending more instead of less in backing up your company's mission critical data. But first, the central premise. Electronic information or data is one of the most critical assets in your business and the loss of that data is an irreplaceable period. In fact, according to the Disaster Recovery Journal, 43% of all companies will close their operations within the year following a disaster. Could you or someone from your management team or staff, after a loss of data or a disaster tell you by heart:

§ What are your outstanding accounts receivable and who owes your company what?

§ Who are all your customers and suppliers?

§ What is in the inventory?

§ What the hell is in that Oracle or SQL database for which you spent millions?

You can argue that we have a special data processing annex in our insurance plan that covers data loss and destruction. That's fine, but getting a check will not replace the data you need for your business to thrive or at least survive. You can replace desktops, computers, supplies, inventory and even people, but the data is irreplaceable and your loss could leave you out of business. The only viable insurance program for data is to have a fail-safe backup and recovery plan.

So, going back to those eight reasons to accelerate your backup spending during slow economic times:

1. During difficult economic times, it is common to reduce staff and have to do more with less. Most of the time, the backup will be what you don't do because Joe is busy with another project and doesn't have time or forget because he has too much on his plate.

2. That long-term employee who had to let go after 12 years is upset and erases some backup tapes on his last day at the office as a small gesture that you hurt me, I will hurt you. Make no mistake, this happens all the time!

3. It gets rid of the expensive courier service that carried your backup tapes off-site to save money and makes Phil take the tape home. But did you know that Phil has been secretly planning to start a company to compete with you and thanks to you, he knows he has everything he needs to do that?

4. The purchase of new tape and tape drives differs and the equipment fails, resulting in incomplete backups, so, in case of interruption or loss of data, you do not have a backup to recover it.

5. To save on the $ 75 fee per tape, your system administrator purchases fewer tapes. Instead, they only recover the file tapes before the end of the retention period and reuse them, so now their backups only go back one day. How often does data loss only go back one day? Not often.

6. Certainly, it is not uncommon for morale to suffer when you tighten your belt and employees tend to neglect and do not do things according to the book. The margin of error in relation to the backup is huge, so a small error and your data could disappear.

7. The recovery tests that I used to do twice a year have been lost because there is not enough time or labor to do it with a reduced staff.

8. Often, when IT resources are limited, IT staff becomes a firefighter instead of preventing fires and that can cause it to burn.

Fortunately, there are very few things that can bring a company to its knees in less than 24 hours. But the loss or destruction of data is undoubtedly one of them. Data is your most important strategic asset, regardless of the company or industry you are in. Whether your company is three years old or 103 years old, many talented people, including you, have worked hard to build a first-class company. Do not put the entire company at risk because the business is slow and the backup budget was reduced, reassess your backup strategy and increase spending as needed.

Budget hotels in Maui

Visiting the best beaches in the world on Maui Island on a dream vacation in Hawaii is not always too expensive, as you might initially think considering the high costs of the hotel. You are right to think, but it is not necessarily true that you have to stay in one of the luxurious hotels here. If you come here and search, you will find numerous cheap Maui hotels located along the expensive high-end complexes. Some of these cheap hotels can even be seen located in the heart of the beaches; However, most of them are a bit far.

The cheap hotels of Maui are ideal to stay with economic rates during your vacations in Hawaii, when your main concern is to enjoy the exotic beaches of Hawaii and keep busy participating in various exciting activities on the beach. These hotels can afford to offer low-cost stay options to their customers for the reason that they do not organize any of the high-end amenities. All your basic accommodation needs will be met without compromising the quality of service in that regard, if you choose to stay at any of the cheap hotels in Maui. Sometimes, they may offer few additional leisure services to attract potential customers, but be careful when accepting such offers, as they may charge you later to take advantage of those additional services. Few prominent budget hotels in Maui that you can consider when choosing budget accommodation during your vacation in Hawaii on the island of Maui are:

o Hale Maui Apartment Hotel

o Maui Sugar Beach Inn

o The Plantation Inn

If you don't like the crowd during your vacation in Hawaii, then Maui's budget hotels may be ideal for you, since most of these hotels are small and, due to their limited activity, the atmosphere of these hotels remains calm and quiet . What to do with the expensive arrangements of the rooms? Even if you stay in cheap hotels, you can access:

or beautiful beaches of Hawaii

or sunbathe

or swim

or snorkeling

or high speed marine winds

or golf courses

or tennis courts

or diving

or fishing

or candle

or horseback riding

or see in sight

o Shopping, and

or marine kitchens etc.

A true vacation does not have to be in an expensive and luxurious resort. You can also enjoy a beautiful vacation in Hawaii at a budget hotel in Maui.

Making flight reservations to Lufthansa is now easier

Loaded with high-tech aircraft, personalized and personalized services and affordable and cheaper plane tickets, German airlines made it their top priority to offer nothing less than the best of services to their passengers.

Airlines aboard Lufthansa

The opulent airline was established in January 1953 and began operations in April 1955. The German airline has had a good evolutionary share and has managed to advertise on the world stage and today is doing its best in the aviation sector. A race for your money.

Lufthansa has several subsidiaries, such as Brussels Airlines, Air Dolomiti, Edelweiss Air, b> Ukraine International Airlines, SunExpress, Swiss International Airlines and many more. It has also partnered with several airlines such as Air India, Jet Airways, Luxair and Air Malta. The carrier is also one of the founding members of Star Alliance, the world's largest global aviation network.

Connectivity and fleet size

Lufthansa flies flights to numerous destinations around the world has its operational base located in Germany. It serves 246 locations in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia. The carrier boasts of having a very large fleet to meet the needs of its passengers. Airplanes such as Airbus 300 and Boeing 700 are used for the long and medium range and for the short, Bombardier and Embraer.

Services and baggage allowance

With Lufthansa, you can afford to fly in a private jet or book tickets for different girls like First, Business and Economy. Depending on the class you choose, your meals will be served. You can also kill time with a wide range of entertainment options during the flight, such as music and movies, which may differ for travel classes in terms of the options available.

If you make a Lufthansa Airline online reservation or purchase a regular First Class ticket, you can relax in the classrooms in different cities, available exclusively to First Class travelers. These rooms consist of comfortable rest spaces, a wide range of snacks and a variety of entertainment alternatives to enjoy. As a frequent passenger, you are eligible to become a member of Miles & More, which is the largest frequent flyer program in all of Europe. It offers a variety of offers and discounts, with several other privileges, such as the increase in the Lufthansa baggage allowance.

Along with all these services, you can also benefit from Lufthansa's online flight booking system, which will make your ticket booking experience much more fluid and easy.

When booking flights over the Internet, you should also look for the latest deals and offers that allow you to get some cheap plane tickets.

Discounts for students when flying

Students have special discount cards for many needs in life. This includes getting a discount on your airfare too! This industry is so large that there are online sites that exist for the sole purpose of accommodating students for cheap flights. These sites provide students with travel insurance, as well as discounts in international and national locations. Now, if you need to take a short break from your studies, tell Vancouver, you can drive it at a very cheap price!

Students cannot always pay expensive air fares, as they also have to maintain their university fees, bedroom rentals / room rentals and other responsibilities. Therefore, a couple of friends who plan an informal weekend can be very expensive. For example, a weekend in Vancouver for hiking can be a great deal of money for college students. In similar cases, cheap flights to Vancouver are booked, as you will not only travel for only two days, your budget is also very tight!

The advantage of online companies is that you can talk directly with travel agencies that can advise you on all options, help you find the cheapest and most affordable rate within your budget, and compose complicated trips that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to coordinate. However, if you wish to purchase student fees through these agencies, you must have an international student identity card (ISIC). This card costs around $ 25, including shipping costs, and then you can wander around and get discounts!

Almost all of these websites offer reviews on the best air travel offers, not only restricted to air fares, but also boarding is included along with the tours.

If a student has reserved a reservation ticket, the cheapest last minute offer is being secured. The airline has a lower price for the last-minute unclaimed seat and that is why the student can get the best of this offer. It does not matter if the reservation seat is in Economy or First Class, the price decreases in any case and the student can pay a very cheap amount for the trip. However, it may take a long time, even days, for a university student to obtain a seat for the desired flight.

Flights to Australia 2011 – New Korean Air offer

The promotional offer & # 39; only economic & # 39; It also includes flights to New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii and Guam.

Flights to Sydney start with a cheaper fare of GBP 440. Return, flights to Brisbane and Melbourne are also included at the same cost. taxes. In the Australasia offer, the second most important offer is on flights to Auckland, New Zealand, where passengers can book flights starting at just GBP 460 excl. taxes. A similar price range applies on flights to Hawaii and Guam.

Finally, flights to Fiji are selling the minimum excl round trip fare from 470. taxes. These fares can be used on flights departing from London Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom.

Departure flights with Korean Airline are valid for travel from March 1 to March 31, 2011. However, the sale period of these fares begins on December 1, 2010 and ends on January 30, 2011.

Travelers can stay a minimum of 05 nights to a maximum of 3 months on these tickets. That is, tickets must be reserved to return at any time between 5 nights of departure and up to three months. Like other rates, the Child pays 75% of the net adult rates and the Child (accompanied) pays 10% of the adult rate. Although the tickets are changeable in regards to the date, however, once the ticket is issued, all date changes are charged at £ 130.00.

All these rates do not include taxes and a fuel surcharge of GBP 55 must be paid at each address. Also, if you are willing to stay in the amazing Seoul, you can book a stopover at GBP 90. As the Korean airline flies from London Heathrow to Australia through Seoul, the capital of Korea, there may be a STPC, stopover paid by the carrier, where the airline provides a free stopover if there is no connecting flight the same day . STPC is provided in Seoul at an address only in segments where there is no valid connection the same day. You must call the Korean Air Reservations STPC once the ticket has been issued and at least 48 hours before the requested date. In the case of changes in the date of entry, the party making the change must reapply for the STPC (travel agent or passenger). Hotel rooms will not be provided to passengers in transit arriving in Seoul without prior confirmation from STPC, according to Korean Air.

What is the best day of the week to book a flight to Fiji from the United States?

Are you looking for flights to Fiji from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport)? There are some details you should know before booking your flight. After finding a great flight, be sure to explore our Fiji guide and resorts so you can travel to Fiji like a pro. Unless you reside near the Los Angeles area, you must include a connecting flight from your local airport. If this is the case, make sure you have enough time to make your connecting flight.

Departure days and airlines

Air Pacifc (Fiji Airways) is the national airline of Fiji. They provide business and economic seats. Flights depart from LAX on Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. A Friday, Monday and Tuesday option is often available with a stop in Honolulu. You will definitely welcome "Bula" while on a flight with Air Pacific!

Air New Zealand is another fantastic option to book in Fiji. They provide additional economic comfort when you upgrade to Skycoach economic. Great for those who want additional space or travel with children. Air New Zealand departure time from LAX to Nadi Fiji International Airport (NAN) is daily. If you are looking for a flight on a Friday, Monday or Tuesday, you should have good luck when flying with Air New Zealand.

American Airlines flight itineraries to Nadi fluctuate, but Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays are the best days to begin your search. American Airlines & # 39; The goal of its travelers is to provide a new level of comfort, connectivity and convenience.

Qantas also leaves Los Angeles on Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Qantas is the largest national and international airline in Australia. They have a reputation for exceptional customer service.

Flight Time

A flight from LAX to NAN (Nadi International Airport Fiji) takes approximately 11 hours and 5 minutes without stops. Connecting flights may vary from 16 to 24 hours or more before arriving. You will lose about two days due to the time zone difference. For example, if you leave Fiji on July 1, you will land in Fiji on July 3, during the 11-16 hour flight. Most flights from LAX leave at night and land early in the morning in Fiji.

Frequent Flyer Miles

When traveling from LAX to NAN, you can expect to accumulate around 5,500 miles of frequent flyer in one direction.

Reserve a flight

Now that you know the departure days and airline options, you can now find flights effortlessly. Have a nice trip to Fiji!

What is a medical flight and why should it matter?

Usually, a medical flight involves an air evacuation, or air evacuation service offered for the sick and injured. This important information should be known because one day it could substantially reduce the time needed to transport it from the scene of an accident to a hospital. Keep reading to learn a little about medical flights; You can even learn some things that could help you decide on one in the future.

In general terms, the most typical passengers on these flights are people who have suffered severe trauma, respiratory failure, brain injuries or heart complications. You will find that air evacuation services and other types of medical flights offer 3 levels of care to better treat individuals on board:

  1. Simple life support: This type of care is perfect for people with somewhat mild medical conditions, who may need breathing air or intravenous supplements.
  2. Advanced life support: patients who need this category of treatment require greater amounts of consideration. A multiplied verification of the problem may be needed on a continuous schedule along with the means to access intravenous services and medication dispensaries.
  3. Critical care support: a sick person who needs this type of specific assistance will need continuous inspection, typical medication maintenance, use of highly specialized equipment and various specialized gadgets that help preserve life in a crisis.

While not all air evacuation providers maintain the same standard of care, the most responsible companies will share the following principles:

specs . Aircraft must be chosen both for their profitability and for fuel savings. Wide entrances are also essential because they allow convenient entry / exit of the plane.

Training . Medical personnel on board will undergo arduous training programs before working on the aircraft. Such rigorous standards ensure that patients receive only the best care.

Regulation . Compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) policies for all aircraft flying over 29,000 feet. These practices are important because flying at this height means faster travel and comfort and ease for the affected person.

If you or someone you know is in a situation that requires an air ambulance service, having the most basic understanding of medical flights could help you choose a carrier and know what to look for. Of course, if you are not sure if you need flight medical services, you can always check with the company to determine if you need a road ambulance or an air ambulance.

Benefits of booking last minute airline tickets for business and corporate travelers

Traveling on a plane ticket in business class can be overwhelming and fun. However, if you get the same executive class ticket at an affordable price, traveling becomes even more exciting. Your purpose of traveling can vary from a business meeting to an adventure trip full of fun, holidays or vacations with friends or sudden unforeseen circumstances. With the last minute ticket option offered by almost all other airline services, booking an executive class ticket is no longer difficult. Today, you can find countless options of national and international flights to travel in and around a country whenever you want. Here, find out more about last-minute executive class flight deals and options.

Booking air tickets in business class is very convenient these days. Since all the services of the major airlines and the companies that offer air tickets have their own websites today, one can book air tickets in just a couple of steps and clicks. One of the main reasons why people choose the executive class ticket instead of the economy class plane ticket is that they get numerous luxuries in the form of food, wine and entertainment throughout their trip. From watching your favorite TV shows to the latest movies, you have the opportunity to entertain yourself during your plane trip. Another advantage of traveling with a plane ticket in executive class is that you get padded seats and a delicious kitchen to make you feel comfortable. Many international airline service providers also offer seats that are easily adjustable and can be used for bedtime. In addition, airline services worldwide offer last-minute airline tickets for business class passengers, which gives them the flexibility to book airline tickets at their convenience, budget and time.

If you are looking to save some time and money, scan the websites of the different airline services and book the last minute air tickets to your chosen destination. In fact, cheap executive class tickets are ideal for companies looking for various cost reduction options to minimize their expenses. It is a myth that only advance reservations can be cheap!

In view of the uncertain economic conditions, the increase in shipping costs, expensive supplies, the increase in equipment and machinery prices and the increase in employee-related costs, companies have no choice but to reduce their expenses . Since employees, board members and other staff members of large and small companies travel to international venues for official meetings and for business purposes, booking plane tickets at reasonable rates can certainly help you save a lot of your money. . Companies can use this money for further expansion and achieve their goals easily. With almost all the services of the main airlines that offer last minute airline ticket options, booking tickets at very short notice has become easy. In fact, the last-minute plane ticket is an excellent option for business and corporate travelers looking to establish contacts with their potential and existing clients in various international locations.

Travelers can check the websites and book tickets to numerous national and international locations and get special and discounted flight tickets in no time. Therefore, if you are in a hurry for a trouble-free business trip, book the last-minute executive class ticket to your preferred destination immediately!