A critique of the global risk report of the World Economic Forum

The venerable World Economic Forum recently published its fifth annual "Global Risks" report. Although clearly this is a very timely analysis, we see some problems with your report.

We identify at least three areas where the report has "problems." We want to divide them in the following ways

1. Methods for assessing risk: qualitative versus quantitative

2. Selection of the risk factors menu

3. Identify and create interconnections between risk factors.

The first is clearly related to the risk assessment method. As you recognize in the report, the evaluation comes from "the opinion of qualitative experts instead of focusing solely on historical data." Apparently, experts were provided with a menu of options and had to rate the different options according to probability and impact. As one of our readers had commented correctly previously, risk analysis is simply an exercise to check boxes!

Which brings us to the second issue we address with this form of risk analysis: all risk factors are "pre-ordered". For example, this report has been emphasizing the "risk of deceleration of the Chinese economy to 6%" for the past 5 years. If the so-called experts only have a handful of options, of course they will have no choice but to choose the one that seems more plausible. But unfortunately, highly complex systems, such as the global economy, do not follow simple rules of compromise. The most significant influence on the behavior of a system is often the least noticed. How many experts could have predicted in January 2001, a unique event in the early fall of that year would disrupt world trade for several months, if not years?

Next: the efforts to determine the interconnection. While we applaud the WEF for recognizing global interconnection, its means of developing the Risk Interconnection Map or RIM, leaves much to be desired. It does not matter that the detailed interpretation of these maps is almost impossible (think of the route maps of the airlines that you see on the back of the journals on the flights), but where is the objectivity to determine the connections that are not , again experts? opinion? While his attempt to highlight that "weak links cause systemic failures" is really commendable, how can we know which links are strong and which are weak? How can experts do it without data?

After reading the report, you can't blame yourself for wondering what new things were revealed besides what we didn't know anymore. Why not let the data instead of the opinions guide us?

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Cheap travel insurance coverage

Cheap travel insurance: Who doesn't want to travel to make leisure time a little relaxing and stimulating? But there are few things that one should keep in mind before leaving for the trip. In general, vacations are an opportunity when a person starts enjoying all the fun with family members and other loved ones. But, have you ever imagined about several unforeseen dangers that could play as a booty on your dream vacation? In that situation, additional expenses could make your budget lists much higher than actual ratings. Therefore, it is very important that you have some type of coverage while moving for the special trip. Cheap Travel Insurance not only offers you the feeling of safety during the trip, but also saves you a lot of money on your trips. Available under various products such as individual travel insurance, Gap Year travel insurance and others, you can choose any availability according to your needs.

There are many people who postpone the idea of ​​obtaining travel insurance because they think it will be a bit tiring process. But this is just a false belief with many people who don't know the ready-to-use online method well where they can buy the most suitable insurance coverage for you. Cheap travel insurance offers coverage for all medical expenses, flight delays / cancellations, loss of important belongings, emergency evacuation, etc. and, therefore, makes the trip more comfortable and safe all the time.

Several cheap travel insurance quotes are available in the market and online on the Internet. For your convenience, what you can do is simply do a comparative study of all appointments. As on the Internet, you can get the most efficient tool, which will help you make the right decision by selecting the best cheap travel insurance policy.

Before leaving for flights to Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the most essential countries of the Indian subcontinent. It is an ancient civilization, enriched traditions and is recognized for its many picturesque and cultural destinations. Adequate and comprehensive preparation is required before leaving for flights to Pakistan. For your trip to flourish in the country, travelers must have an idea about the requirements of Pakistan Travel.

Travelers who are going to board cheap flights to Pakistan need to have some practical data about Pakistan. The country in most regions experiences a dry climate. The summer months are scorching, while the winters are somewhat cold and calm. The northern regions of the country experience very cold temperatures in winters with heavy snowfall. The best time to plan a holiday in Pakistan and book cheap flight tickets to Pakistan is in the winter months from November to the end of March, when the weather is satisfactory and cool.

Pakistan's international airports connect the key cities of Pakistan with international gateways in a well-facilitated manner. Tourism in Pakistan is a flourishing trade and, being a popular tourist destination, enjoys a well-organized transport network. Pakistan airports are very active and abound both nationally and internationally. Flights to Pakistan operate from several airports in the country.

The Jinnah International Airport in Karachi, the main focus for Pakistan International Airlines flights, the Benazir Bhutto International Airport in Islamabad, which receives the massive influx of international passengers flying through flights to Pakistan, the Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore, which serves about 4 million passengers annually, are the major airports in Pakistan, in addition, Quetta, Peshawar, Sialkot and Multan also have international airports.

Pakistan hotels vary from luxury hotels to budget hotels. There are too many large shopping malls and department stores that store international items. In addition, local products and crafts are available at local markets and stores. Visitors can look for good price offers on products at local stores, as they can also negotiate. The supreme moment to buy is in the seasons of celebration, when great prices are reduced and discounts are offered. Dining is an essential and enjoyable vacation experience in Pakistan like; There is a wide variety of restaurants, hotels and restaurants in the country that offer local and international dishes.

Appropriate transport services are also developed in the country. Together with the main airports, the organized network of roads and rail networks are also available. Port services are available in coastal regions.

Living in Australia – Economy and transport


Australia has a strong and innovative economy driven by solid productivity, low inflation and low interest rates. Australia has a deregulated economy that is somewhat affected by fluctuations in the US economy, but has its own resilience. With few barriers to trade and investment, there are many opportunities to invest in Australia as a private company or real estate investor.

Our Free Trade Agreement with the USA UU. It means that it is easier for professional Australian citizens to work in the US. UU. Than ever before

Exports are a mixture of traditional products, services and advanced manufacturing. Some of the main exports include gold, meat and livestock, agricultural products, automobiles, machinery and minerals.


Australia is a relatively easy country to travel and the closer to the city and the surrounding suburbs, the easier it will be.

Because of its large size, the need for sufficient and reliable transportation is essential and all cities and most rural villages have an extensive and relatively cheap public transportation system. The three main means of transport in Australia are:

By car: privately owned car or taxi (there are many extensive taxi services throughout the country).

By public transport: rail, train, bus (and tram in some states).

By air: there are a variety of Australian and international airlines throughout the country that operate flights between major cities (and regional or remote areas).

Public transport is becoming increasingly popular, as significant improvements in services over the past decade and high fuel costs have made trains (as well as trams in Melbourne) a popular alternative.

The 10 cheapest travel destinations in the world

In this difficult economy, most people think it is almost impossible to travel unless they spend a lot of money on it. If you are one of those who prefer to experience a little adventure without breaking the bank, you can visit these 10 cheapest travel destinations for you and the whole family. Discover new places and a fascinating culture while embarking on an exciting trip to these must-see places, even on a tight budget.

10. Northeast of the USA UU.

The 3 main cities in the northeastern part of the USA. The USA, including Washington DC, Boston and New York, are excellent places to visit for a few cents. The best way to save money on your trip is to take advantage of several cheap bus companies that can connect you to various destinations such as Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Toronto. For just $ 5 on a one-way trip to these destinations, travel is in fact as cheap as possible. In addition to the relaxing trip on these buses, you can enjoy surfing the web during a long trip thanks to the free wi-fi connection. Therefore, forget about renting a car and simply travel on these low-cost buses while visiting other parts of the US. UU.

9. Japan

Compared to other famous destinations that are loaded with almost similar types of attractions (amusement parks, botanical gardens, shopping centers), Japan is a much cheaper option for thrifty travelers. If you're looking for excitement, such as theme parks and ski slopes, then you can find the perfect place to visit in Tokyo. In addition, there are economic adaptations that will adapt perfectly to your budget. In Tokyo, you can find charming guest houses that will only cost you around $ 37 for one night.

8. Portugal

Now is the best time to visit Portugal, particularly the charming city of Porto. This cozy city boasts its squares, beaches and old-fashioned buildings, decorated with impressive azuelo tiles. For around $ 37 per night, you can find decent accommodation like inns furnished with lovely antiques. To get around the city, you can take a comfortable ride on a tram for less than $ 2, or take a ferry on your way to the beach, also at a cheap price of $ 2 for a trip. You can also explore nearby areas in a flat-bottomed boat for only $ 29, and that should be enough for you to see all the beautiful places in this city.

7. Macedonia

Looking for an economical trip for you and your family? Macedonia is one of the best places to explore due to its serene lakes, picturesque vineyards and historic Byzantine churches. In addition, Macedonia is a great stop on your exciting trip to the Balkans. Private rooms in Macedonia ate quite cheaply, and you can find a good B&B for around $ 72. In addition, there are bus services available, and these can take you to must-see places like the GaliÄ ica National Park where you will find places to walk, go by boat or swim.

6. Vietnam

Explore several enigmatic sites in Vietnam that are worth your time and money. In fact, going through these fabulous areas of the country is very simple, and you can travel by bus or experience the convenience of hiring motorcycle taxis. Popular attractions include Chau Doc, the floating markets of Vinh Long and Ben Tre. If you don't like crowded places, then Tra Vinh and Ha Tien are excellent options. As for boat trips, you can find the best deals from $ 5 to $ 10, and guest houses cost between $ 10 and $ 25.

5. Peru

Usually, a 5-day Amazon cruise can cost you around $ 3,500 without including the airfare. However, you can reduce this incredibly high price by dealing with locals in Iquitos, which is also the largest city in the world that cannot be reached by land. These locals can customize a trip of their choice at cheap prices, whether you are prepared for a tour of the piranha fishing spots, watch the dolphins in the Allpahuayo Mishana National Reserve or visit the Otorongo Lodge located on the border with Colombia .

4. Mexico

If you want to experience what it is like to travel through Mexico rich in culture, then you must do so by visiting some of the country's historical places. For example, you can rent historic houses that become inns, and the cost is much cheaper than that of the best resorts in Cancun. You will also be surprised by the Plaza Grande, which has notable cathedrals and art museums of the 16th century. If you pass through the square on weekends, you can get caught up in excitement as the place becomes the center of street parties and dance shows. There are also exciting day trips to five Mayan historical sites that cost only $ 40 when you opt for the Ruta Puuc public bus.

3. Northern Ireland

Get plenty of literature, drama and music from Northern Ireland while embarking on this fascinating travel destination. In fact, Northern Ireland has invested more than $ 25 million in its local tourism, and foreign tourists can benefit greatly from this. Since the last quarter of 2012, there are more flights available from Belfast and London, and fares are also much cheaper. With more flights offered by several companies, you can take advantage of the lower density for budget conscious travelers.

2. Turkey

The impressive Turkish Riviera is a charming European destination that fits your budget perfectly. Last year, hotel rates fell 25 percent, making this place a must-see place for budget travelers. One of the best places to start your tour is Antalya, a lovely city on the southwest coast of Turkey. It offers fantastic views and a placid environment that will relieve your sense. Also, for around $ 100 per night, you can find lovely accommodation at the oceanfront resorts in the country.

1. Greece

Greece has experienced financial difficulties in recent years, which coincidentally makes it an economic destination for all travelers. In fact, you can find a cheap package that includes airfare and flight for two for only $ 2,800, and that already includes taxes. In fact, this is a great offer, compared to the dizzying prices of years ago. Once you are in Greece, you can start exploring stunning beaches, historical ruins and try authentic Greek dishes that will make your mouth water.

Have fun in these 10 top budget destinations even when you have little cash. By booking a trip to these exciting places in the world, you can increase your savings while providing a moment of relaxation during your vacation.

Fecal incontinence: how to avoid a crappy trip

There is nothing like the fear of not getting to the bathroom on a plane so that the potential traveler stays at home. Calm down. The situation is controllable.

Before the flight:

Reserve a seat in the hallway as close as possible to the toilet. This is not rocket science, since you don't want to have to go through two people to escape your seat. The closer you are, the greater the chances of being on time.

Pre-order a vegetarian meal. Why vegetarian? Airplane food can sometimes be enough to cause a bowel movement. Other meals include vegan, Japanese and kocher. It also means that you will get your food before the other passengers. The moment means that you can go to the bathroom before the masses do it after their meals.

Pack additional "underpants" for adults, wet wipes and a change of underwear in your hand luggage. Apparently, "diapers" is no longer a politically correct term. These items are not good for you in your checked luggage, so keep them within reach.

Read the Mayo Clinic literature. These proactive measures can help you control your bowels. The advice includes monitoring your diet, exercises and documenting your food intake.

Decide if you want to take an anxiety pill. Popping a diazepam / Valium can provide you with "false" security, but if it helps you be less afraid of having an accident, it may be worth the risk. Discuss the problem with a doctor.

Select over-the-counter medications as an option just in case. Pepto-Bismol, loperamide or bismuth are included in this list. Those who want to be even more confident can opt for prescription medications.

On the plane:

Talk to the flight attendant. Don't be shy, just explain that you have a problem. Hey, do you think they haven't heard it before? That way, if all the toilets are in use and there is a line, they will accompany you to the premises in business or in the first class, even if you have an economical flight.

Keep hydrated. Drink enough water since airplanes are known for zero humidity and do not want to dehydrate. Avoid alcohol, soda, coffee and other irritating drinks. That said, you don't want to drink enough water to leave every 15 minutes.

Go to the bathroom even if you don't think you have to.. That may sound strange, but sometimes just being there is enough to cause a reaction.

Realize that an accident is not the end of the world. Yes, it is shameful, but it is not fatal. If people look, smile calmly. It is likely that there are more passengers who will sympathize than not. And remember that once customs has passed, you will probably never see them again.

North Pole to South Pole, Planning a trip from Chennai to Delhi?


The capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai, is home to many industrial and commercial establishments. It is famous for its art, music, temples, parks and beaches. Chennai receives many visitors every year, they travel to and from different parts to Chennai. There are many flights from Chennai to Delhi and other major cities in India that fly from Chennai International Airport, which handles domestic and international flights.

Chennai is located on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. This city has a rich tradition, historical and academic growth compared to other states. This city also represents the different aspects of Dravidian culture. Chennai is considered to be the main commercial center of South India and credit is credited for contributing to the country's economy growth. Chennai is considered the main commercial center of South India. Credit is taken to contribute to the increase of the country's economy. Chennai is home to several industries, such as automobiles, software services, petrochemicals, financial services, textiles and hardware manufacturing.


Delhi is the capital of India, this city has a rich history of kings, struggles, freedom movement and many more. In Delhi, we can witness the most beautiful sculpture, art, architecture and scenic beauty. Delhi has a modern cosmopolitan culture and attracts many visitors for various purposes. The new dynamic that meets the former imperial is the capital, Delhi. This city has endless surprises and the traveler can not fail to be surprised in every corner of the city and deserves its title of "the city of contrasts." The magnificent architecture of the Red Fort, the walks through the gardens of Lal Quila, the bustle of the Sarojini Nagar market, you will never feel restless in this city. Delhi is not limited to this and has more. This city has footsteps in millions of rupees every year. Delhi is the melting pot of varied culture, therefore, there are many people who wish to establish themselves also for their cozy and homely atmosphere. Delhi has a very different atmosphere compared to other cities in India, this city caters to all age groups and spheres. Not only people travel for business, but also for pleasure. Delhi, which is located on the northern routes to some exotic places for vacations.

The best way to travel from Chennai to Delhi is by plane, since the distance is quite large compared to traveling to other cities. The duration of direct flights to Delhi is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, while the trip on flights with stops takes between 3 and 4 hours.

There are many airlines that offer countless flight options from Chennai to Delhi. IndiGo, Air India, JetLite, Jet Airways Konnect and SpiceJet are the airlines that provide flight services between Chennai and Delhi.

Get the cheapest flight fare from Chennai to Delhi compared to the online portals that offer the best options are the online portals, as customers get access to the official website of an airline or can log in to the website of reservation of authorized travel agents. You can book single or round trip tickets. Some of the airlines offer great discounts if customers make reservations for a round trip.

Do not use cash and book your tickets online with your debit card, credit card, online banking, promotion codes or online wallet and a secure mode of payment. Get great discounts on flights from Chennai to Delhi. Even if it's your last minute booking, these online sites will help you get cheap flight rates from Chennai to Delhi.

Athens travel guide for beginners

As a fascinating theme in history, as well as among the most popular getaway options in Europe, the Greek capital, Athens, is among the most fabulous cities on the continent, known as the birthplace of Western civilization. With its wide variety of UNESCO World Heritage sites and an incredible variety of ancient ruins, Athens has succeeded in attracting thousands of tourists to its door and has given everyone a fascinating experience of discovering many untold and untold stories about Greek mythology and history. Recently encountered a major economic crisis, Athens quickly recovered from the loss and is once again establishing itself as one of the most spectacular getaway destinations in Europe. People who have been planning a visit to Athens should consider the following travel guide for beginners planning holidays in Athens:

1. Transportation

Despite being affected by the economic crisis, Athens has a wonderful transportation system that is not only good in quality, but also economical and efficient to cover almost all major and minor attractions in and around the city. Basic public transport, such as buses, trams, subway and trains, is easy to get and stops at the main access points of each city, district and city of Athens. People who enjoy traveling by taxis with their personalized routes should prepare to pay a good fortune, since taxi prices are quite expensive compared to public transport. Therefore, unless you do not want to reduce your savings, then you should probably consider using public transport, until you have to access the outskirts where there is a public transport limit.

2. Featured Attractions

Athens is like an ocean of information and everything available here has its concrete evidence that can be accessed by visiting the most prominent landmarks, including the Acropolis of Athens, the Parthenon, Syntagma Square, the National Observatory of Athens, the Library of Adriano, the Tower of the Winds, Propylaea, Athena Parthenos, Jewish Museum of Greece, Temple of Athena Nike, Tzistarakis Mosque, Agios Eleftherios Church, Presidential Palace, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments, Church of Saints Apostles and many other places. They are really charming and connected to the heritage, culture, tradition, religion and lifestyle of Athens and the rest of Greece.

3. The best things to do in Athens

As much as Athens is connected to its history, this Greek capital has a wonderful diversity of culture and traditions that have been the reason why most of the tours available in Athens are still sold out. The city has this incredible variety of theaters and art galleries that offer not only a lot of information to its visitors, but is also capable of entertaining in an interactive and enthusiastic way. The theaters and performing arts centers in Athens are the main reason why people often love the culture and artistic diversity of Athens and enjoy being part of it by taking some intensive courses or small classes during their trip in Athens.

4. Festivals

Athens is a religiously rich and diverse city, and people who enjoy living here delight in the superlative celebration of religious and cultural events throughout the year. With festivals such as the Epiphany Festival, Greek Revolution Day, Apokries, Panigiri, Flower Festival, Music Day, Epidaurus Festival, Jazz Festival, Rockwave Festival, Ochi Day and many more, are some of the festivals that will surely give you the vision of rich cultural values, artistic treasures, magnificent religious beliefs and unity among all religions that live together in harmony and celebrate each great day with more enthusiasm than before.

5. Tips to save money

Athens is among the cheapest getaway destinations, but only if you know how to behave, live and enjoy on a tight budget. There are a lot of options available for each activity you do and the more you research about these options, the better results you will get. Although, the rebirth of Athens & # 39; Tourism played mainly in the economy, but if you still need to save a fortune on your trip, you can try to live in the local hostels, use public transport and get a 24-hour ticket available at less than 5 euros. Eating in Athens is really diverse and if you can live eating in food restaurants instead of in those elegant restaurants, you can save a good fortune. Negotiation is as common in Athens as anywhere else in the world. There are a lot of free walking tours available in the city, as well as many attractions in Athens at no cost to visit.

The charming conurbation of Athens is a perfect combination of past, present and future and people who have been thinking about spending a holiday in the Greek capital should consider the basic tips mentioned above to have a vacation not only for pleasant experiences, but also for Save a good fortune on your trip. So, if you have already booked your flights to Athens and think too much about how you will explore this fascinating city, all you need is to keep these points in mind and follow the basic style of traveling to any destination worldwide.

Slovenia houses: why smart investors are buying

Slovenia is a country that many people do not know as a real estate investment destination, however, all this is about to change, since Slovenia has recently voted as one of the 10 best places in the world to buy investment properties and buy houses in Slovenia It is "fashionable" and increasingly popular with real estate investors abroad. The reasons to buy a house in Slovenia for investment or pleasure are compelling and in this article we analyze the advantages of buying a house in Slovenia.

With an estimated growth of almost 300% forecast for Slovenia over the next 10 years, Slovenia offers affordable properties, with good long-term capital growth potential.


Slovenia is only a small country (about half the size of Switzerland), but it offers beautiful natural attractions, as well as cosmopolitan and lively cities.

A former state of Yugoslavia gained independence in 1991 and joined the European Economic Union in 2004 and recently adopted the euro as its currency.


The country has borders with Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary and has good transport connections within its borders and with other countries, with cheap and frequent flights, so it is easy to get home in Slovenia.


Slovenia has a robust economy and has the highest growth of any of the new EU member states.

Economic growth is currently around 5% per year. It is this economic growth that is driving the real estate boom and a good place to start is to look at the capital, Ljubljana.


A limited supply of housing and strict planning regulations are the main factors behind the growth in real estate prices. Ljubljana is an attractive city to live in and has been compared to a smaller Prague. The city presents medieval buildings combined with a beautiful baroque architecture.

The population of Ljubljana is around 280,000, the city is compact, vibrant, with a high proportion of the population under 30 years. Not only does the purchase of a house in Slovenia have the potential to obtain long-term solid capital gains of 20-30% per year, the rental market is also strong for additional income.

Other destinations

Primorska is another popular city located on the Adriatic coast. This Venetian city with its cobbled streets and beautiful church towers is affordable and has become very popular among new home buyers in Slovenia.

Slovenia's largest ski resort is located in the Pohorje mountains and is home to the popular Mariborsko Pohorje ski resort. Nearby, the city of Maribor is the second city of Slovenia and a popular place to buy investment properties in Slovenia.

Of course, Slovenia has much more than the capital and has a variety of options for all budgets.

For skiing there are the impressive mountains of the Julian Alps and for rafting on the turquoise rapids of the Soca River. 50% of the country is forest and there are numerous lush green valleys and rolling hills for that perfect retreat.

Slovenia is close to the attractions of neighboring countries. For general tourism, your home in Slovenia can bring you closer to places like Venice, Vienna, Budapest and Croatia, which are only a few hours away.

The process of buying property in Slovenia is relatively straightforward and there are many real estate agents who deal with foreign buyers and will help you make Slovenia's house match your budget.

Consider buying a house in Slovenia and you may be glad you did.

Some common misconceptions about business trips

Every time he meets a business traveler who walks through the airport, he comes up with many ideas. Let me start by warning you, many of these could be wrong.

Business travelers face many challenges. Always running against time, they constantly go from one airport to another, catching a flight to another. Lack of sleep, longer working hours than expected, and sometimes even skipping meals are what many travelers can tell about their trips. Naturally, it is not easy to cope with such a routine and only the most difficult survive.

Traveling faces many misconceptions. These are some of the best of these.

1. It's always about pleasures

Usually, every time you hear from business travelers, many people think that this trip is about pleasures. Of course, all you can think of at that time is a paid trip, a free air trip and all other expenses.

It is true that most companies pay the entire trip. However, it is much more than free meals and a stay in luxury hotels. A business travel person often has to sacrifice a lot of his free time to meet deadlines and fulfill tasks.

2. Travel in style

It is true that business travelers mostly have a charismatic personality and no matter how many days of insomnia they have lived, they have always traveled in style. But the definition of style for many is completely different. When you think of business travelers, you are automatically inclined to think that they should travel through the airline's luxury classes and stay in most real hotels.

The truth is that not many companies can afford this. Many business travelers commonly fly through economy class and stay at budget hotels.

3. Formal wear

You always want to get to a meeting with the best aspect. However, baggage restrictions can often make it difficult to bring your best suit to a foreign country for business meetings. It is a great relief that businessmen around the world understand this restriction.

So, the next time you're anxious to see a traveler, you don't always have to be in a suit to qualify as one. A pair of good-looking pants and a dress shirt would do an equally good job. A suit is no longer a qualification criteria for being a businessman.

4. A lot of work is done

Of course, the trip is planned to fulfill certain projects. However, this is not always the case. Business trips may not always be as successful as what the company has planned.

Sometimes, business trips mean that no work is actually done. However, that trip could open more paths to future successes. The trip may keep you very busy, but the company may not get the desired results.